Only ONE way to eliminate public school violence

by CzechRebel on December 18, 2012

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Verbal beatdown

Another school shooting and the moron squad is out to find new ways to close the barn door now that the horse has escaped. Renewed calls for gun control are everywhere. Other morons are trying to keep the insane off the streets – often appointing themselves as experts in deciding who should be locked up. The list goes on and on.

Gun Control Has Been an Epic Failure

You would think that that the gun control position would have been completely discredited by now. Of the last few decades it has been crystal clear that where guns are hard to get, gun violence goes up. Where guns are easy to get, gun violence goes down. In States where it is easy for citizens to carry guns, gun violence is even lower. It is a pretty simple fact of life. Bad guys NEVER follow gun laws. So, when the good guys have guns, the bad guys are afraid to use their guns. Want more gun violence? Just work to make it harder for citizens to carry guns. Want gun violence to go down, work to make it easier for citizens to own guns.

Insanity Is a State of Mind

Most people with mental illnesses or cognitive disorders never commit violent acts. Locking more of them up costs the taxpayers’ money. Those few people with mental disorders who will go on to commit violent acts are difficult to identify, and may not appear that much different from ordinary people who are going through a rough patch in their lives. Besides, it can be unjust; innocent, harmless people have been locked up in asylums for malicious reasons, such as to gain control over their property. And it’s dangerous to give any government the power to confine people preemptively because they might commit a crime in the future. In the former Soviet Union, psychiatric institutions were used as prisons for dissenters. So, it is a complete waste of time, money, and human lives to go down that path.

What Really Does NOT Work

Now, there is another institution that is even more counterproductive and costly than either gun control or the preemptive lockup of those perceived to be insane.

Suppose there was an institution that promoted both Communism and radical Islam. Suppose that institution picked your pocket on the federal, State, and local levels, and resisted all attempts to control its costs. Would you wish to continue spending your tax dollars on it?

Now, let’s further suppose that the institution were a serious public health hazard. Its crowding and poor ventilation helps spread disease to some of our most vulnerable citizens. It also provides a venue for gang crimes and sexual assault.

Just to make things worse, suppose that its buildings were more subject to vandalism than any other buildings in town. It doesn’t matter what part of the country you happen to be in, the vandals hit those buildings first.

Now, the institution has a stated purpose, but it has a very poor track record at doing what it is expected to do. It seems that every year it does its job worse than the year before. Every dollar spent on reforming this institution proves to be a dollar wasted. Is there any reason that you would want to keep this corrupt and useless organization in existence?

Well, there is such an institution: the American public “education” system. Public schools are the reason that we have violence in the public schools. We will have violence in the public schools until the day we close the public schools.

Homeschooling versus public schooling

But What About Educating Our Children?

Fair question. Rest assured that our children are NOT being educated in our public schools and never will be. But there are several great alternatives.

1. Private schools. When was the last time you heard of private school violence? We are sure that it has happened, but it is very rare.

2. Home schools. Years ago, people had all these reasons why home schools would not work. However, that ship has now sailed. Homeschooled children grow up to be MORE able to participate in society than their public school counterparts. They do better in college than publicly educated students. They are more employable than those who went to public schools.

3. Community schools. Not everyone can afford private school tuition or the time to homeschool their children.

We have seen that government involvement in schools leads to more trouble and less education. However, parents can unite to form some sort of community school. It can be a network of homeschoolers that takes in their neighbor children. It can be a coalition of parents and civic-minded businesses that form and finance small schooling groups. It could even create a private school with scholarships for those who cannot afford to pay.

But no one seems to be listening at the moment. We will keep creating larger and larger public schools. We will keep creating new theories on why “Johnny can’t read.” We will keep spreading diseases amongst our children, who will bring them home and make the whole family ill. We will keep bankrupting our communities through “education” spending. And, of course, there will be more PUBLIC school shootings. Too many people have a vested political and financial interest in keeping things exactly the way they are.

Smart parents should pull their children out of the public schools before their children become victims of public-school violence. Empty those public schools. Cause the government to close them. Then, and only then, will we have an end to the endless stream of school shootings.

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1 Tim from Nashua December 18, 2012 at 9:19 pm

Amen to all of the above. I’ve been making this same point about homeschooling. Homeschooled our two boys until their schoolwork got too hard for two working parents to get them through it. They breezed through public high school.

2 Stogie December 19, 2012 at 12:19 am

Excellent commentary! Your points about preventative detention of anyone with mental problems were excellent. We have to resist overreaction based on emotions and use our brains here.

3 Sushie Q. December 24, 2012 at 2:51 pm

I pulled my son out of school two years ago, when he was in 7th grade. WE LOVE IT! He is happy (he gets all the sleep he needs…a lot!), he is responsible and does not require constant direction, he doesn’t need constant attention (from me or or his friends), and he has ample time to focus on activities and interests that are meaningful to him. Imagine that!

If you are considering homeschooling but are worried that you “won’t do it right” or that it will require all of your time, THINK AGAIN! Here’s a fact that seems to have been forgotten: if you can read, you can learn; teachers are NOT required to learn (and in fact hinder the process more than they help). Now, think about how much of what you “learned” during your own schooling you use/have retained? If you haven’t used or retained the information you acquired, IT PROBABLY WASN’T IMPORTANT! Besides, what passes for public schooling isn’t anything like what “real” education looks like, so why would you want to copy it at home? Think about how and what YOU learn: you learn things that interest you and what will assist your functioning in your own life, right? Well, apply that to your child. And just how much of YOUR time your child will require will depend upon your child’s age and particular needs and will change constantly. However, once your child discovers that s/he can learn on his/her own, you’ll find your role to be far less demanding than you ever imagined.

I hope that the more often people hear this message, the more likely they will be to hear it. Great article!

4 1389 December 24, 2012 at 3:02 pm

@Sushie Q,

Glad to hear that! Thanks very much for your support!

5 Joshua February 1, 2013 at 8:37 am
Troll Spray

Editor’s note: A semi-literate individual has joined the troll parade. He seems to be trying to make an argument in favor of continuing to waste money on those government propaganda centers know as “public schools.” We will first note that he is either too stupid or too lazy to read our comment policy. We have made it clear that we are not a debate forum. We are also not a blog that showcases the “good” works of the government. So, we will address Joshua’s comments here in italics.
– CzechRebel blog admin

WOW. Thank you for such an ignorant comment with absolutely no evidence to support your argument.

Coming from you that is a compliment. Funny how the uninformed always think that the those who are very well informed are somehow “ignorant.” It is funny what a little research will do. As far as evidence goes, learn to read a little better and try again. You will find enough support above. However, the evidence that public schools are an epic failure is so overwhelming that it is ridiculous that you would need any more evidence to see the wisdom of ending this failed experiment in public education.

My brother, my little sister, both my parents, all my friends, and I are a result of public schooling. We come from both bad schools and good ones.

Seems like you missed out the sex education classes. Most of us have a different theory on how human beings come into existence. We have heard of parents who tell children that babies come from a cabbage patch or that the stork brings the babies. But, you family told you that babies come into this world from a public school? That is really far out. However, if you do a bit more research you will find that most people have a different, more scientific theory on where babies come from.

We are doctors teachers, lawyers nurses, I spend my time traveling to other countries as a volunteer teacher.

Too bad they didn’t teach you any grammar and punctuation at your public schools. We are wondering what you mean by “doctors teachers” and “lawyers nurses.” Are “doctors teachers” people who educated doctors? If so, you might want to add an apostrophe so that we could tell. The same is true for “lawyers nurses.” But we are wondering what they do. Do lawyers’ nurses take care of infirm lawyers or do they work as nurses for lawyers who believe that a nurse is better suited to work in a law office than a paralegal or legal secretary? Of course, you may have meant to put a comma between the words “doctors” and “teachers” and one between “lawyers” and “nurses.” If so, it is ever more evidence that the public schools should be closed as worthless institutions.

You home school your kids. Good for you.

Why thank you! Had that been your whole comment we would have mistaken you for a polite, intelligent individual. This is a good lesson for your future comments both here and elsewhere.

But what the hell do you really know about public schools other than what you have seen from inside the little box you call your home school?

Now you are REALLY showing off your extreme ignorance. What could you possibly know about my knowledge of public schools? Most of my elementary school education, all of my high school education, and two years of my undergraduate education was in public schools. I have a post-graduate degree from a public university. I have been involved in both school board elections and referendum elections. I have been involved in school litigation. It is my personal knowledge of public education that inspired me to homeschool. Your inability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is even more evidence that public schools offer a very poor excuse for an education.

And don’t bring up your statistics bull crap because I can easily give you a statistic in favor of public school for every one you give me against.

This is OUR blog, we pay for it and we put a staggering amount of our own time and effort into it. We will put up anything that we like. We see that your public education has taught you to disrespect property rights. Another thing that you didn’t learn in your public schools is that it is NOT the number of statistics that one can produce, but the validity of said statistics.

What you want us to go back to the 19th century.

You need to be more specific. You also might want to put a question mark ❓ after your questions; I am assuming that you intended your phrase/incomplete sentence to be a question. But how could you, a public-school uneducated individual, know that? If you are referring to the level of scientific knowledge and standard of living of the 19th Century, of course we do not. We recognize that many bad things have happened in the 19th, 20th and 21st Century. We think it would be great if we could somehow undo some of this evil. Given the level of ignorance you have displayed so far, we doubt that you have much of an idea of what the 19th Century was like.

Where only a few whose parents, had enough time or money could educate their children.

This is a very good example of your total lack of knowledge. In the 19th Century, children did receive very good educations. No, they were not necessarily warehoused in a classroom for many years. However, the vast majority learned to read and write, often better than today’s typical student can do. Most received vocational education, often on the job. Many did enjoy higher education. If you would bother to read a little 19th century literature, it is pretty obvious that the reader needed a pretty substantial education to actually grasp the meaning. Where did they get their educations? A one-room school house? At home? On the job? Sorry, but the propaganda that was rammed down your throat in the public school about lack of “education” in earlier times just doesn’t wash.

Please stop with your ignorance.

Practice what you preach. The level of ignorance that you have displayed so far is staggering.

What needs to happen is that the public school system needs to stop being overlooked!

“Overlooked”? What planet are you living on? I can remember public schools begging for more money since the mid-1950s. I can still hear the jingles from the television commercials, “You can have the schools you want or you can have the schools you need (blah, blah, blah) . . . but schools don’t grown on trees.” We have been ramping up public school funding for over 60 years. When the tide recedes even a tiny bit, the school blood suckers go ballistic. I can remember my high school teacher threatening to end the athletic programs, the band, the art classes, etc., if the next referendum did not pass. We dutifully went home and begged our parents to vote for the important referendum. Fortunately, the voters of our school district were not fooled. The referendum was voted down. The athletic department and the band actually expanded. The art teacher kept the job. Two year later, they opened a new and bigger high school. Our public schools, for the most part, are overfunded now. How much more do you want to steal?

Rather than spend billions or even trillions of dollars in foreign wars and defense, put the defense in the minds of our children.

This is a separate issue. The 1389 blog has for the most part not supported these foreign wars. In fact, exposing the folly of just one of those wars, the 1999 Kosovo War, has been a major part of editorial efforts. However, the same insane mentality causes Americans to waste so much tax money on both fruitless public education and unnecessary foreign wars. I have vivid memories of the public school efforts to convince me that my right to free speech was somehow at risk if America would lose the war in Vietnam. So, they wanted me to curb my free speech and support the war. Of course, the schools were lying about the war, just as they were lying about the referendum.

Improve all the schools.

It is getting to be more and more obvious that public schools are your religion.

Make them places where kids want to go to learn!

You and your ilk have been singing this song for over 100 years now. If you had learned ANYTHING of value in your public education, you would know that this does not work.

Provide hundreds of different opportunities and educational activities for them.

We are spending endless amounts of money on that now. That is part of the problem.

Make them want to go to school and you will solve many of the problems.

“Make them want to”? Why, you little Nazi! There are several ways to make people want something. A frontal lobotomy is one way. Some drugs can make a person change his desires. Of course, some people respond well to torture. The use of force to change behavior to suit one’s whims is bad enough. However, you want to change the human will. Your are not satisfied to be in control, like a Hitler or a Stalin. You want to be in control of desires like Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984.

But eliminating them?

Yes, that would be the best solution.No, I think that your pathetic efforts to comment on this blog are your own personal confession that your so-called “achievements” are worthless. Grow up!

So screw you dude!

Spoken like a true product of America’s failed system of public education.

6 1389 February 1, 2013 at 12:49 pm

CzechRebel handled the troll “Joshua” very well!

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