In which 1389 weighs in on the Sandy Hook tragedy

by 1389 on December 17, 2012

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Which campus would a mass murderer pick?

Meanwhile, at a school in Israel, armed teachers protect students from assailants

Jewish settler kids learn to protect their nation with guns
Jewish settler kids learn to protect their nation with guns

Gun control isn't about guns. It's about CONTROL.

What’s the REAL threat here?

The sum total of ordinary homicides perpetrated by evil, crazy, or even negligent individuals, using guns or any other means, is negligible compared to the sum total of homicides perpetrated by governments: for example, the Communists and the Muslims. We have a president with communist and Muslim roots. Why should it surprise us that he and his followers and handlers are using this opportunity to disarm us? After all, as Rahm Emanuel infamously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

From JPFO (Jews for the Protection of Firearms Ownership):

JPFO T-shirt: Benefits of gun control: Concentration camps, killing fields, gulags
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JPFO target poster showing Adolf Hitler: All in favor of gun control raise your right hand
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