Islam and brain damage – revisited

by 1389 on December 16, 2012

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Bare Naked Islam has the story. Click the link to read it:

WHAT A SURPRISE! Muslim prayer bump (otherwise known as shitstain) is reportedly linked to traumatic brain injury and mental disorders


Says commenter Blakbird:

I guess with all the head beating combined with the inbreeding, it’s not a pretty picture 😆

Smiley bashing forehead against floor
Is this

It certainly isn’t a pretty picture – nor is it a surprise to anybody who still has functioning synapses (evidently not the Muslims themselves). Matter of fact, I had the story on Islam and brain damage in 2008, and on Islam and genetic damage in 2010. I’m glad that others are gradually becoming aware that this is an important medical issue. Thanks very much to BNI for providing us with this update!

A twisted version of Orthodox Christian practices

Yes, we Orthodox Christians do make prostrations during prayer on certain occasions; this practice goes back to very early times. The difference is that we touch our heads gently to the floor or carpet; we never harm ourselves by smashing our heads. Prayer with prostrations takes place only in church or in a domicile such as a monk’s or nun’s cell – never out in the street.

St. John of Damascus correctly identified Islam as a heresy against Christianity. In other words, Islam is a badly corrupted copy of certain aspects of Christianity. Muhammad copied the outward appearance of early Christian prayer, without understanding the meaning behind it. For Christians, prostrations are a part of penitential prayer to a loving and forgiving God. For Muhammad, prayer and prostrations are submission to an impersonal, abstract, unknowable Allah. That is a vast difference.

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1 Elizabeth December 31, 2015 at 11:56 am

My first thought was the “bump” may be the what the Bible warns us about as the “mark of the “devil” It makes sense.

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