Just a few reasons why all labor unions should be banned as criminal conspiracies

by 1389 on December 12, 2012

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Not just public-sector unions, but all of them.
Unions are nothing but street gangs fighting over turf.

  • MyFoxPhilly: Speakers Blast Sound Of Baby Crying As Part Of Protest In Philly
    (h/t: lobo91)


    It’s a union protest designed to bring you to tears.

    Residents at the Vista apartment building on the 2800 block. of N. 47th St. in Philadelphia’s Wynnefield section are losing their minds over a recording played by protesters from IBEW local 98.

    Last Wednesday, the union set up an iPod and loudspeakers that plays this recorded message: “Your community is crying for jobs, participation and fair wages.” It’s what comes next that brings a tear to the eye: an extended crying jag by a seemingly fussy infant.

    The recording- which began last Wednesday- runs each weekday from around 8 a.m. to mid-afternoon.

    “I know everybody says they’ve got their rights,” says longtime apartment resident Jean Smith, “and that’s fine. But don’t we have rights too, that we have to hear this constantly- every day?”

    The electricians are protesting the use of a non-union contractor to do electrical work on renovations at the apartment building.

    Residents say they have nothing against organized labor making a point, but this?

    “The crying of the baby- it doesn’t give them no sympathy,” says apartment dweller David Dickson. “It’s not helping them.”

    Saundra Terrell agrees. “They don’t seem to care! Even when we approached them nicely on the first day, they seemed to ignore us.”

    FOX 29s Bruce Gordon called the IBEW’s spokesman to see whether we could quiet the protest.

    Union boss John Dougherty later agreed to meet.

    He claims non-union workers are leading the city to economic decline.

    As for the irritating infant?

    “It’s well within the law,” says Dougherty. “It’s within the first amendment. I’m not apologizing.

    But, he said, “because Bruce Gordon came here, on behalf of Christmas and me being a Christmas type of guy, I’m going to (play) Christmas carols up there, starting tomorrow.”

    No more crying baby?

    “Not till after the holiday!”

    That last line sounds a little ominous, but we’re going to hold Dougherty to the Christmas carol pledge.

    By the way, the building owner says union electricians were offered the chance to bid on the work at Vista, but that a non-union contractor won the job.

  • Breitbart: Report: Taxpayers Pay $4.8M for Union Bosses’ Salaries in Single Dept.

    A newly-released report from the conservative Americans for Limited Government (ALG), obtained by Breitbart News, found that taxpayers are footing a $4.8 million bill for the salaries of 35 union officials at the U.S. Department of Transportation.

    The ALG report used documents the group obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) showing that taxpayers are actually paying these 35 union officials’ salaries. Only three of them make less than $100,000 per year, and the average taxpayer-funded union boss salary is $138,175 per year.

    Eight of the union bosses on the taxpayer payroll at the Department of Transportation make more than $170,000, too.

    The union officials taxpayers are paying for come from various labor unions, too. They include the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) and the AFL-CIO affiliated Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (PASS).

    ALG president Bill Wilson said in a release announcing the report that it’s “obscene that in one Department alone, taxpayers are being stuck with almost $5 million in public employee union salary costs, these unions collect member dues and should pay for their own employees.”

    “Big Labor has been a primary financier for the far left advocates of expanded government, it is time for elected officials to cut off the gravy train of having the taxpayers pay for union salaries,” Wilson said. “It is simply wrong for American workers who have a median household income of just more than $50,000, to pay the freight for non-productive government workers who make more than two and a half times that amount.”

    ALG notes that labor unions have in recent years become “increasingly dependent” on public sector unionization because private sector unions’ membership levels have plummeted. To stay relevant and remain a political force with an adequate cash flow, unions have targeted virtually helpless government workers to try to fill the void.

    A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation didn’t immediately respond to Breitbart News’ request for comment.

  • No Recovery From The Housing Bubble Until ALL Public Sector Unions Are GONE
  • Weasel Zippers: Michigan: Union Thugs Yell “N**ger Uncle Tom” As They Demolish Iconic Hot Dog Cart – Update: Conservatives Raise Over $9,000 To Help Man Rebuild Business…
    (h/t: Carolina Girl)
  • Breitbart: CBS, ABC, NBC All Ignore Union Violence
  • Breitbart: Steven Crowder Challenges Union Attacker: Jail Time or MMA Fight

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1 Seahorse November 8, 2013 at 8:10 pm

I totally agree with your comments about private sector unions. However some public sector unions are important. This is because the government can form monopolies by making competion illegal, and then treat their workers any way they want. With companies, workers will always have the opportunity to go work for someone else, so collective bargaining is not needed.

2 1389 November 9, 2013 at 1:51 am

I respectfully disagree. People have the choice NOT to work for the government, but rather, to work for the private sector. Yes, that will mean acquiring new skills, but then, working for any governmental body poses many ethical conflicts and dilemmas.

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