We. Told. You. So. Romney was unelectable.

by 1389 on December 10, 2012

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Romney was the problem. Nobody trusts a flip flopper.

Robert Tracinski at Real Clear Politics has the story:

Romney: The Man Who Wasn’t There

(h/t: Speranza)

Romney could have won the election in spite of all that, had he been willing to confront the issue of election fraud. He didn’t address it before the election, and after the election was obviously stolen, he conceded without another word.

I suggest that Mitt Romney got the nomination because too many wealthy contributors, who were not conservatives at all, wanted an ineffective GOP candidate who didn’t care enough about getting elected to fight hard for it when it really counted. Same with the Dems who voted for Romney in the open GOP primaries precisely because he was the weakest GOP candidate.

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