Now this is disgusting: Democrats vote the mentally disabled

by 1389 on November 29, 2012

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Evidently, these particular Democrat vote fraudsters not only extracted votes from sixty people who are not mentally competent to cast ballots, but also led them astray spiritually:

“‘Obama saved me,’ he said to me out of the blue…
‘I voted for him for president and now he’s saving me.’”

Antichrist much?

David Horowitz has the story:

I am incredibly steamed this Thanksgiving Holiday over what the Democrats are doing to my country. Everybody by now knows – or should know – how readily Democrats conduct election fraud, and how determined they are to defend it. James O’Keefe and others have taken videos of paid Democratic operatives encouraging citizens to vote twice. O’Keefe was even able to claim Attorney General Eric Holder’s own ballot at a district polling place by claiming to be him, and then to vote in his place. Democrats have promoted Motor Voter laws and same day registration, and month-long election days to help them mobilize the votes of people who are so unconnected to the political process and so uninterested in the country’s future, and perhaps so incompetent to understand what voting entails that they require keepers to see that they get to the polls and then vote the “right” way.  In the election that put Al Franken in the Senate by a few hundred votes, more than a thousand felons voted illegally because of the loose laws that govern the polling booth – laws the Democrats want to make even looser. It is in fact the number one civil rights issue of the NAACP this year to give felons the right to vote. So we know that Democrats have little respect for the election process, and we should assume they will attempt to pursue their victories by any means necessary.

But even knowing this, I was not prepared for a conversation I had at Thanksgiving dinner today with my brother-in-law, Henry, who has lived most of his life in a home for the mentally disabled, and though now in his forties has the intelligence level of a six-year-old.

“Obama saved me,” he said to me out of the blue.

“What do you mean?”

“I voted for him for president and now he’s saving me.”

I was taken aback by these words, since Henry had no idea who Obama was, or what a president might be, and would be unable to fill out a registration form let alone get to the polling place by himself. So I asked him how he knew that and how he had registered and cast his vote. In halting, impeded speech he told me that the people who take care of him at the home filled out “the papers” to register him to vote, told him how Obama cared for him, even taught him the Obama chants, and then took him to the polling place to vote. They did the same for all of the mentally disabled patients in their care, approximately sixty in all.

This is so appalling in its contempt for the voting process, which is the very foundation of our democracy, and in its cynical exploitation of my brother-in-law and the other patients in the home, many of whose mental capacities are even more limited than his that I am at a loss for words to express it. I hope poll-watching groups like “True the Vote” will comb the rolls of residents at other homes for the mentally disabled, and attempt to stop this particular abuse. I hope that people who care about our country will make electoral fraud a focus of their political efforts, and work to protect the integrity of the voting process.

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“Recently, Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society…”

No question about that.

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1 Larry November 30, 2012 at 1:31 am

[Yo 1389 Blog. Check out what I discovered on the informative blog.]

Obama Enslaves & Destroys Inner Cities

(I experienced all this while trapped in a large American city.)

The suburbs are booming, but not fast enough. Yessir, you ghetto folks in inner cities have started a good thing, but there are still lots of acres outside the cities without any houses on them. So you’ve gotta move into “untouched” city blocks and do the following:

Throw trash everywhere. You’ll insure that your friends who pick up trash and distribute free rat poison packets will keep their jobs. And folks can predict the weather by the direction the trash is blowing!

Walk down the street. Better yet, rhythm down it. And when I say street I don’t mean sidewalk. Save sidewalks for your friends on cycles. Besides, it’s hard to fit many cursing, screaming, drinking, pot-smoking kids on a sidewalk, and it’s also hard to spot keys and other things left in cars when you’re walking on a sidewalk!

When walking down a street, turn your head when you hear a car coming and stare at the driver. For all you know, it might be one of your enemies out to get you. On the other hand, it might be only your neighbor and all that hateful staring might make him want to move out.

Be sure to beget lots of unloved, unsupervised, unwashed two-legged “Obama welfare meal tickets” – either through wedlock or (preferably) out ofwedlock. And let them often ring doorbells, begging for money.

Turn quiet streets into noisy jungles. Have a blast – a long blast with your car horn under your neighbor’s window at 3:00 a.m. Let folks know who the real honkies are! Blow your horn when (1) you see the police coming (2) you want to buy some dope (3) you want to sell some dope (4) for any other reason. Play your stereo so loudly that folks can’t hear sirens going to the latest holdup or arson. Be noisy, man, noisy!

Be cruel to animals, especially “man’s best friend.” Tie your dog on a short chain under a blazing sun with no water or food or love or license or dog shots. Make him as mean as you are. Better yet, let your dog run loose. Neighbors love to find freshly killed cats (after hearing their screams) and other goodies on their lawns. Pit one dog against another in bloody “canine cockfights” while friends lounge on car hoods and cheer and make bets! And what madness is it where folks move out and abandon pets in the house, leaving them nothing to eat but their own droppings? This happens often in the ghetto, and almost no one will help the animals.

Keep a good supply of Saturday Night Specials – also Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Night Specials. Your criminal presence will improve your neighbor’s light bill; when he isn’t watching you at night (with his lights off), he will be able to read books at night by the light of the police helicopter searchlights!

Here’s more insanity: Uncle Sam spends millions of our tax money to move you into our neighborhoods where we lose much when we sell our homes. So you have your nerve when you glare and swear at us when we don’t move out quickly; but you’re the reason we can’t find good buyers! I really wonder what you and Uncle Sam will do when lots of folks move to the wilderness and live off the land and consequently don’t have to pay taxes to support such sickness!

Finally, spread the rumor that all of your troubles are associated with skin, even though you and I know that your problem isn’t skin. It’s sin!!!

What makes a ghetto? It’s not the paint on a house (or lack of it) but all of you two-legged pains in the neck!

For more information on Blockbuster Obama, Google “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”

(anyone is free to copy and air this paper)

2 Bill January 17, 2013 at 6:03 pm

What do you mean they vote the mentally disturbed, they are the mentally disturbed!

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