First-ever critical study of Srebrenica in the Spanish language

by 1389 on November 26, 2012

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Srebrenica Historical Project has the story:

Thursday, 01 November 2012 23:23

[One of our foremost objectives is to facilitate the dissemination of authentic information about Srebrenica beyond the confines of the former Yugoslavia. For that reason we have an active Srebrenica educational program in the English language. We are quite aware that the Srebrenica propaganda narrative is being spread mostly through the Anglophone media. However, there are still important cultural and linguistic spaces that remain largely beyond the pale of Srebrenica lobby propaganda. To the extent that the official story does penetrate there at all, it is conveyed through Western monopoly media agencies and its impact is minimal. Nevertheless, we have not neglected those areas of the world and we intend to offer our views there as quickly and effectively as practicable.
Our growing network of associates throughout the world, who are as keen to get to the bottom of Srebrenica as we are, have been enormously helpful as we pursue that objective. One of them is señor Aleksandar Vuksanović in Spain, editor of the internet journal Semanario Serbio ( ). With his able collaborators, señor Vuksanović has managed to produce an impressive critical volume about Srebrenica in the Spanish language entitled, Srebrenica: Ciudad sin Dios.

Like everyone that we work with, the author has a balanced and rational view of Srebrenica, far removed from any invective or ethnocentric justification of the crimes of one community, while neglecting those of another:

Nos desmarcamos y condenamos enérgicamente esta terrible masacre, solidarizándonos con todas las víctimas y sus familias, cualquiera que fuese su nacionalidad, religión o ideología política. Nosotros no cuestionamos el crimen cometido por un grupo de serbios sino pretendemos situarlo en su adecuado marco histórico, político y militar, añadiéndole una justa dimensión legal y moral.

In eleven documented chapters, Srebrenica: Ciudad sin Dios summarises for the Spanish-speaking reader what is known with a reasonable degree of certainty about Srebrenica today. Some of the key themes are the role of the media in popularizing an extremely biased and simplistic version of events which is uncritically encapsulated in the refrains of “8.000 men and boys” and “genocide”; flawed ICTY judgments in Srebrenica trials; the discredited evidence of “crown witness” Dražen Erdemović; the Srebrenica Declaration of the parliament of Serbia in 2010; and the recent groundbreaking Norwegian documentary on the role of the Sarajevo Muslim leadership in greasing the skids for the tragic slaughter of enclave residents, Srebrenica: A town betrayed.

For the moment, the first critical volume about Srebrenica in Spanish is available in electronic version only, and our readers who speak Spanish (or who have Spanish-speaking friends) are encouraged to download it from the link below and to send it around to all who would find it interesting and informative.]

Please download Srebrenica: Ciudad sin Dios by clicking on this link: [PDF – 1.91 MB]

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