In which 1389 dons her prediction hat for 2012/2013 and onward

by 1389 on November 21, 2012

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Now that we can safely rule out the Mayan Calendar doomsday myth, it’s time to take a look at what’s coming.

What’s left in the four boxes of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and cartridge?

  • We know all about the soapbox.
    Angry swearing smiley on soapbox
    No, not like that!

    That’s why we blog, and that’s why we do a whole lot of other communication activities in real life. We’ve worn out our vocal cords, our shoe leather, our computer equipment, our vehicles, our budgets, and our health climbing on that soapbox and proclaiming our message to everyone we meet. We have fought hard against censorship. Despite all that, year after year after year, we seem to be slipping backwards, out-shouted at every turn by the enemedia and the government indoctrination centers we call our educational system. Both will remain under enemy control for the foreseeable future.

  • Vote fraud has made a mockery of the ballot box.
    Lolcat with laptop: I is in ur pollin station stealin ur votez

    The Chicago machine stole the 2012 general election. The crooks hedged their bets by rigging the 2012 and 2008 GOP primaries to guarantee the nomination to the least conservative and least likeable candidate. The infrastructure of election fraud is in place to guarantee that all future elections can, and will, be stolen. We have the outward form of a republic, but it no longer is one. Unless we can enforce purple fingers, paper ballots, and picture IDs at every election, it no longer matters how many of our fellow citizens we can persuade to vote our way.

  • Who is in the jury box?
    Jury box

    When laws or regulations are unjust, we have jury nullification as a potential curb on tyranny. But how many potential jurors understand that option? How many jurors would be willing to stick their necks out by invoking it? Will the government perhaps use jurors’ online history to screen out such candidates? The judicial system is rife with corruption, with leftist (or, worse, pro shari’a) judges all over the place and more to be appointed under the Obama Regime. And don’t get me started on the corruption in the Justice Department. When few can afford legal representation against a governmental body that has wronged them, the vast majority capitulate. It all boils down to: How much justice can you afford? and Justice delayed is justice denied.

  • That leaves the cartridge box.
    Ammo box

    At least we still have the Second Amendment – and a lot of people who are prepared to fight to keep it as the last bulwark against tyranny. I see that the other three options are very rapidly being foreclosed. Sometime fairly soon, it’ll be either the cartridge box or a slow-motion collapse into totalitarianism. In the best-case scenario, the cartridge box will be the bulwark of a viable secession movement. Those are the choices, whether anybody likes it or not, and I expect few people do.

I am not telling people to give up hope.

I am saying that it is unwise to pin one’s hopes on secular leaders of any kind. Even if the 2012 election had gone the other way, the prognosis would have been only marginally better. Because the US government is no longer limited by the constraints of the US Constitution, tyranny is never more than one election away.

I am also saying that it is not looking good. We are still headed in the wrong direction, and have gone so far that we will see the permanent financial and physical ruin of many, many lives before any eventual spiritual and material recovery can take place, if it ever does. Even back in 2008, we no longer had an infrastructure on which to build an economic recovery. Realistically, I think that the best we can hope for, long term, is salvaging and rebuilding some part of the US.

Interest group identity politics, open immigration (much of it Islamic), and Chicago-style machine politics have already foreclosed the possibility of salvaging the whole of it.

The bottom line?

I have looked into the four boxes of liberty – soap, ballot, jury, and cartridge – and seen that the first three are under enemy control for the foreseeable future.

The last box had better not be empty.
Angry mob of smileys with pitchforks and torches
Just sayin’.

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1 philipzhao November 21, 2012 at 8:38 pm

Insightful !

2 1389 November 23, 2012 at 6:56 pm



All the way back in January 2012, CzechRebel had the 2012 general election scoped out. Even before that, in October 2011, we were convinced that Romney would lose in the general election.

2012 turned out to be a replay of 2008, except for the fact that, in 2008, it probably wasn’t necessary for Obama to steal the presidential election because John McCain, the GOP nominee, was such a pathetic candidate.

That said, we are certain that substantial fraud did take place in some state and local elections in November 2008 and thereafter.

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