Massive Voter Fraud in 2012: Ya think?

by 1389 on November 12, 2012

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Cry and Howl: Massive Voter Fraud

Questionable ballot box

November 12, 2012

I knew and had written multiple times that if Romney didn’t win the election by a landslide he would lose. We all knew voter fraud was going to be the deciding factor in an Obama victory. We did nothing. Republican observers were kicked out of polling places, etc. We did nothing. Now we’re stuck with a phony squatting in the White House and his wife traveling the world with her entourage on the tax payer’s money. Anyway, here’s some of the action that went down.

Naturally after this farce of an election voter fraud was more than obvious. Obama getting 141% of the vote in some places, etc. I realize there’s little we can do about it as the major media will be silent as always when it comes to the fraud-in-chief. But here are the numbers and they look pretty right on to me.

Hat Tip / The Right Planet

Check out a few websites (and this is just a start). Go though the links and see for yourself.

No one in the Main Steam Media is reporting it of course. Our country is no longer a Republic with elected representatives. I do not know what will happen, but I am not “standing down.”

I do not care who you voted for, this is not right!

The numbers do not add up (From Ulsterman):

  • Barack Obama netted FEWER Democrat votes in 2012 than were cast in 2008 by 3% points.
  • Mitt Romney earned MORE Republican votes in 2012 than were cast in 2008 by 3% points.
  • Mitt Romney by the way, earned MORE Black votes in 2012 than were cast for the Republican in 2008.
  • Barack Obama earned FEWER Black votes in 2012 than he did in 2008.
  • Mitt Romney earned MORE votes from both married men and married woman than were cast for Republicans in 2008, while also improving support among non-married men and woman by 2% from 2008 as well.
  • Mitt Romney earned MORE votes among liberals, moderates, and conservatives than were cast for the Republican candidate in 2008 – in fact, this improvement was by a full 7% over 2008 – a very significant improvement.
  • Mitt Romney earned more votes from Protestants, Catholics, and Jews than the Republican nominee received in 2008, including a 9-point improvement among Jewish voters alone.
  • The two top issues according to voters were the economy and the budget.
  • Mitt Romney earned A 38 POINT ADVANTAGE OVER BARACK OBAMA on the top two issues of the election – and yet Romney was somehow defeated.
  • Lastly, regarding the following three personal trait issues – strong leader, shares my values, and has a vision for the future, Mitt Romney DOMINATED Barack Obama among 2012 voters by 45 points. And lost the election.

Please share this far and wide. Take names/emails off and blind copy please.

Electors chosen on Election Day meet in their respective state capitals (or in the case of Washington, D.C., within the District) on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December, at which time they cast their electoral votes on separate ballots for President and Vice President.


That is December 17th. We have until then to ROAR.

Contact your “elected” Representatives and demand they look into this!

That means you need to contact the officials in YOUR STATE and hold their feet to the fire.

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1 philipzhao November 13, 2012 at 12:00 am

Before the election, I thought America was about to wake up, but to my dismay, 51% of American people hit the snooze button.

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