The H-Files: Episode 8

by Hesperado on November 11, 2012

in Algeria, Hesperado (team member)

KSA execution

by Hesperado

A Tale of Two Petro-Polities: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Texas

Saudi Arabia’s been putting people to death for “witchcraft” or “sorcery” for years (as documented by human rights groups) and likely since its creation in the early 20th century.

Muslims have likely always been punishing what they perceive of as “sorcery” (which is really just one way to commit the capital crime of shirk) with death, as it likely stems directly from Sharia law. Not to mention for other “crimes” perceived as such by their retrograde fanaticism.

From a Human Rights Watch report for 2000 (trust me, it hasn’t gotten any better there in the last eleven years):

“Capital punishment was applied for crimes including murder, rape, armed robbery, drug smuggling, sodomy, and sorcery. In most cases, the condemned were decapitated in public squares after being blindfolded, handcuffed, shackled at the ankles, and tranquilized.”

“By late September 2000, at least 104 Saudis and foreigners had been beheaded, exceeding in nine months the total of 103 that Amnesty International recorded in 1999.”

This is a country with approximately the population and size of Texas — they are on average beheading approximately 3 people every week (= 12 per month).

Compare that to Texas: 232 people executed in 18 years — works out to an average of 1 to 2 per month. Saudi Arabia has been executing roughly over 10 times more people than has Texas.

To this quantitative disparity, of course, should be factored in the qualitative disparity — the abysmally corrupt justice system of Saudi Arabia (as alluded to in the article above) plus the fanatically unjust definitions of the putative “crimes”. Not to mention the cruel and unusual form of execution: grotesque and ghoulish, not only in and of itself (beheadings) but performed in public after Friday prayers outside the mosque.

Hideously anti-modern. And yet we hear nary a peep from the same politically correct multi-culturalists who far more regularly decry and harp and bitch about Western faults.

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