The US no longer is under the rule of law. Our government is not a legitimate one.

by 1389 on November 10, 2012

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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
November 8, 2012

Note: I am writing this prior to the election. The results will in no way alter this opinion.

During the past week I spent a good deal of time outside the early voting center in Columbus. I saw the evidence of the complete breakdown of the election process. The cheating was obvious to anyone who took the time to notice.

Obama-buses poured into the center weighted down with indigents from all across Franklin County. As the exited the bus they were handed a Democrat slate card and herded into the building. No ID was accepted…notice I didn’t say required…accepted. The poll workers refused to look at an ID even if you offered one.

Busses full of Somalis were shepherded through. Some were unable to speak English so they were given a “translator” to “assist” them in casting their ballot. The “translator” was, of course, “non-partisan” and was kind enough to help them sign in and fill out the ballot according to the slate card they had been given.

America is dead, my friends. When voting is easier for a non-citizen than buying a beer is for a 16 year old you know our goose is cooked.

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Oh, and by the way…Michael Ledeen hints that the total failure of Mitt Romney’s “ORCA” volunteer-coordination software could have been due to a Stuxnet-type worm, which would most likely have come from someone connected with the Obama Administration. Yes, perhaps a malware attack could have taken advantage of inadequate security on the part of the Romney campaign. I would be more inclined to blame incompetent management, and that starts at the top. What could Romney have been thinking, to have allowed his campaign to go live with an over-ambitious, poorly-tested mobile software system at the most critical moment, when traditional, low-tech methods of coordinating volunteer activity would have served far better?

For that matter, what’s to stop someone from unleashing Stuxnet-like worms into the various systems of voting machines themselves, or into the computer networks that tabulate the data from those voting machines?

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