The Intellectually Challenged and the Word “Racism”

by CzechRebel on November 9, 2012

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Where did so many people learn to abuse the English language?

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It is probably a sign of the times. American public schools go out of their way to find government propagandists, who they quaintly refer to as “teachers,” who fill the children’s heads with mountains of garbage. If the children happen to learn to read, write or do a little basic math, that’s OK, but what those government propagandists (a/k/a “teachers”) really want the children to learn is that promiscuity is good, especially the homosexual variety; Christianity is bad, especially when it might take any sort of a moral stand; government-forced redistribution of wealth is the only “morally acceptable” economic policy, especially when it punishes the productive few who make life on this Earth better for everyone else; and, of course, that almighty government is the answer to every question, especially when this involves creating draconian laws that restrict human freedom.

So, I guess it is no surprise that so few people understand the meaning of the word “racism.” It is simply nonsensical to use the word “racism” to describe one’s religious opinion. While many of us Orthodox Christians just love our Baptists friends, we would not call an individual who can’t stand Baptists a “racist.” The Chinese government has no love for the Dalai Lama and his Buddhist followers, but we consider those officials to be Communist ideologues rather than “racists.” The word for hatred of Jews is “antisemitism,” whether the motivation for such hatred is religious or racial.

Religion is a matter of heart, not genetics. The Reformation pitted Western Christian verse Western Christian. While certain countries proved more open to Protestantism than others, the process was the same. One day the individual was a Roman Catholic, the next day the same individual became a Protestant. People from the Indian subcontinent look more or less the same whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or some other religion. Even the native religions of the American Indians, the Australian Aborigines, and sub-Saharan Africans have had many willing converts to other faiths such as Christianity, so it would be a groundless insult to call the missionaries to those native people “racist.”

Yet, those of us who expose some of the ugly truths of Islam hear charges of “racism.” The funny thing is that those people using that term are reflecting a bad image only on themselves. When we hear or see the word “racism” from someone who doesn’t like our counterjihad efforts, we see the person as an idiot for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. The individual has no idea what the word “racism” means and is too stupid and/or lazy to use a dictionary;
  2. The individual has been deluded by government propagandists and is incapable of thinking for himself;
  3. The individual lacks the brain power to distinguish between beliefs and genetics;
  4. The individual may actually understand the difference between the words “race” and “religion” but is so stupid he thinks he can confuse people through intentional misuse of the terms.
  5. The individual is a pathological liar who will say anything to promote Islam and the Muslim expansionist agenda.

Comments containing accusations of racism will not be published on this blog, and that’s that. So, if you insist on using the term “racist” to describe the counterjihad, go elsewhere. The Internet has many sites of interest for morons, lunatics and jihadis.

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