How’s it workin’ out for you?

by 1389 on October 30, 2012

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How’s That Hope & Change Workin’ Out For You? | Barack Obama (ft. Ronald Reagan)

(h/t: Mars)

More reasons not to trust left-biased Google/YouTube:

Uploaded by Raintreedotcom on Nov 17, 2011

DOWNLOAD THE MP3!!! || © 2011. All rights reserved. || We created this video in November 2011 because we love our country and believe Barack Obama is hell-bent on ruining it at all costs. When we uploaded it, we opted into Google/YouTube’s “monetization” plan so we could recoup some of our production costs via advertising and produce more videos to help move our country in the right direction. HOWEVER, after the video started generating lots of hits – thanks to like-minded patriotic bloggers – Google/YouTube inexplicably disabled our ability to generate any revenue at all. They have been utterly unresponsive as to why. Therefore, we’re making a plea directly to you, our viewers, to go to and download either the MP3 audio file or the MP4 video file so we can continue to produce videos like this one. Thank you. || Visit Jasmine Meakin and Mega Jam Productions website at || Political footage in this video falls under the United States Supreme Court’s definition of fair use/parody.

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