The H-Files: Episode 7

by Hesperado on October 29, 2012

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by Hesperado

Mainstream Muslim hatred reaches for the stars

I realize this is old news — it’s a story from 2003. However, since Muslims never change, there really is no such thing in Islam as old news — nor good news, for that matter (except whenever we win a battle against it).

The former Executive Director of the American Muslim Council (AMC). Eric Erfan Vickers, in the summer of 2003 resigned from his position at AMC, after he was exposed for calling the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster — in which the entire crew was killed — “an act of divine retribution against Israel.”

Good for the Democrat, Congressman Jerry Nadler of New York State, for demanding that Vickers apologize. Nadler wrote a public letter to Vickers, in which he stated:

“It is unthinkable that any American would take such perverse pleasure in a tragedy that so greatly affects not only the people of the United States, but also the people of India and Israel, and which has drawn expressions of sympathy and solidarity from leaders around the world. Moreover, to presume that a divine purpose reflects one’s own hateful feelings toward the Jewish People is insulting to all people of faith and good will.”

The only problem with Nadler’s phrasing here is in calling Vickers an “American”. Otherwise, it’s spot on.

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