Still thinking about voting for Obama? Watch this!

by 1389 on October 29, 2012

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From Mike C. at 2.0: The Blogmocracy:

Again, I don’t know if this has been posted here or not. If not, it should be. In fact, it should be “stickied” to the top of the damned blog. It’s not a good video; it’s a GREAT video.

Hat tip – Rigpa at GCP

Still Thinking About Voting For Obama?

Published on Oct 25, 2012 by chaloner11

Give this video seven minutes and then go pull the level for Obama on November 6th, if you can.

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All Credits goes to: Kyle Becker &

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Why I Changed My Vote Why I Changed My Stand – Artur Davis

Published on Oct 13, 2012 by Ttownman4truth

The man who second the Nomination for Barrack Obama now is voting against him.

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