Coal miners to Obama: YOU LIE!

by 1389 on October 16, 2012

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The hard-working coal miners of the Century Mine in Beallsville, Ohio deserve to have their say.

Coal miners at Romney rally
Photo by J.W. Johnson Jr.

The local media have played their usual role as a mouthpiece of the Obama campaign by accusing the Murray Energy Corporation of coercing its workers to attend a rally for Mitt Romney. The Obama campaign took the opportunity to slander both Romney and these coal miners by accusing them of being props for the Romney campaign.

To prove them wrong, the miners have gathered together to hold a press conference, to send a letter to Obama, and to make this video. They insist that they attended the Romney rally voluntarily because their jobs will be in peril as long as Obama is in office.

Please help this video go viral by sending it along to everyone.

My mother’s father was a coal miner who worked in many different mines in Ohio and West Virginia. His work was arduous and extremely dangerous, but he took pride in making an honest living and supporting his family. Never would he have tolerated anyone putting words into his mouth.

Miners Fight Back Against Obama TV Ad: “Absolute Lies”

Published on Oct 13, 2012 by Miners Fightback

Coal miners tell Obama to stop the absolute lies in TV ad accusing miners of being props at rally for Romney. Miners held a press conference to release a letter signed by over 500 miners saying they were not forced to attend Romney event. They wanted to attend because their is a war on coal and Obama is leading it. If Obama is re-elected he will put us all out of work permanently.

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1 Barak October 17, 2012 at 1:37 pm

I own stock in a coal company, so you can rest assured I’ve been keeping tabs on what’s going on with coal. The real reason coal is having a hard time is because of several factors: the slowdown in Chinese manufacturing reducing the demand for metallurgical coal and the natural gas boom reducing demand for thermal coal in the United States. This has reduced the price of coal. This is the free market at work – it’s the law of supply and demand. So if you believe in free markets but are blaming Obama at the same time, you are delusional. Well, gosh, it’s those darn regulations, some people say. Which regulations? The regulations aimed at reducing methane levels in mines? We’ve all seen what happens when a coal company like Massey Energy ignores those regulations – they kill miners. There are other regulations that control emissions at coal-fired plants. These protect sensitive people like asthmatics who can be sent to a hospital or to the grave because of an asthma attack. These regulations reduce mercury, an environmental poison. So if you want to reduce regulations, which group of people do you intend to poison or kill – miners, asthmatics, children, the elderly?

2 1389 October 17, 2012 at 1:52 pm

I have fairly severe asthma myself, and I am a “seasoned citizen,” so I make it a point to live where the air is clear. That’s my choice, and there are indeed some financial costs to that. But I also need electrical power for heating, light, and communications, and in most of the US, that means coal or nuclear energy. Regulatory agencies have been strangling both sources of energy.

And yes, I also have invested in coal stock as part of my (admittedly skimpy) retirement savings.

You have a point about the currently low natural gas prices competing with coal. Both coal and natural gas prices fluctuate depending on worldwide demand. But at this point, the government has helped to create that situation by over-regulating the production, transportation, and use of coal, oil, and nuclear energy, thus artificially raising their costs in comparison to natural gas.

I remember how dirty the environment was when I grew up. But all that has changed. We live in an environment that, with very minor exceptions, is clean enough. Any further regulation faces the law of diminishing returns and is not economically viable. In other words, there is no need to clean up the environment any further at the expense of our prosperity and our independence from foreign sources of energy.

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