Black Christians Abandoning Democrats, Heeding Bishop E.W. Jackson’s Call For Mass Exodus

by 1389 on October 4, 2012

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“The Democratic Party has created an unholy alliance between certain so-called civil rights leaders and Planned Parenthood, which has killed unborn black babies by the tens of millions,” he proclaimed.

Bishop E.W. Jackson Message to Black Christians

Published on Sep 18, 2012 by JacksonforVirginia

A short message from Bishop E.W. Jackson to fellow black Christians about the evil being done by the Democrat party.

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For the first time since the black community’s political realignment with the Democrat Party in the 1960′s, a nationally prominent black Pastor has called on the black church community to leave the Democrat Party in a movement dubbed “EXODUS NOW!” Bishop E.W. Jackson’s call to “come out from among them” is apparently being heeded by many black Pastors and Christians across America and creating a stir in many churches. There is concern at the highest levels of the Democrat Party.

Click to see Bishop E.W. Jackson’s message to black Christians

The impetus for EXODUS NOW, and what has given it credibility in the black community is the Democrat Party’s increasingly secular stand, particularly making “same-sex marriage” an official part of the Party Platform. This came on the heels of a number of other actions which many Christians found objectionable: President Obama’s support for same-sex marriage; regulations ordering Catholic and other Christian institutions providing healthcare to distribute free contraceptives and abortion drugs; Convention speakers support for unrestricted abortion up to the moment before delivery; and taking God out of the party platform and no longer recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Across the country, as black Christians debate the call to EXODUS NOW, Democrats are shaken. They desperately need the votes of black church goers. Democrats are responding by attacking Jackson personally on left wing blogs.

“They can say anything they want about me,” says Jackson, “but I do not intend to leave Christians in bondage to a party that is hostile to everything Christians hold dear. Either we worship and rely on God or we worship and rely on a political party. We are supposed to rely on Almighty God, not the government or any party. When a party disdains God and His word, as the Democrat Party clearly does, it is time to leave that party.”

Says the Bishop, “This movement is not about Party, but principle; not about race, but righteousness. This is not about winning an election, but saving a generation.”

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1 Arius October 5, 2012 at 8:45 pm

If enough black people leave the Democrat party then black votes will no longer be taken for granted by the two major parties. This could be the start of something big.

2 Roger June 19, 2013 at 1:17 am

:mrgreen: I am old enough to have picked cotton in the 1950s when farmers, given a choice, would always hire black folks to pick.

Black folks weere paid the same as whites, maybe more. But we weere cheaper because we would do twice as much work in the same time. Picking cotton or topping tobacco was hard, and white folks were a little lazy. They thought the world owed them something because they were white. Black folks were proud of their ability to work harder than whites. There was no black unemployment in the South. My how things have changed. Families don’t teach their young pride in work these days. Black unemployment is the worst it has ever been. Liberal government programs encourage us not to work and not to be fathers. There are fewer families in our community with fathers. And our communities have broken down and are failing. We must help ourselves. Neither party seems to get it. We must learn economics. We must learn that the private economy creates jobs, not the government. Why take money out of the private economy in taxes and then give it back to try to spur the economy. Leve the money with the mom and pop job creators, even with the big job creators. If they know Uncle Sam is not going to take and keep most of their money and give only a little back to companies that support them, then they will spend that money on new factories and new jobs.

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