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by Hesperado on September 21, 2012

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by Hesperado

60s sexpot actress Brigitte Bardot grew up, condemns Muslims in France

This is my third installment in this series.

First two are here, and here.

The rationale for this series is explained in my first installment. The main thrust of that rationale is that I have a massive amount of old files going back 12 years about various aspects of the problem of Islam, and due to the sheer amount, I am not going to spend much time giving each one a shave and a haircut to make them presentable.

Wheresoever I fail to provide a link as to source citation, I would remind the reader that this is 2012 and that Google is your friend.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

In May of 2003, Brigitte Bardot published a book titled Un cri dans le silence (“A Cry in the Silence”).

“I do not hold religious Muslims in high esteem,” she concedes in her introduction, and throughout the book her deepest wrath is reserved for the “Islamisation” of France and — her particular bête noire the Muslim ritual of animal sacrifice at Eid el-Kebir.

“For 20 years we have submitted to a dangerous and uncontrolled underground infiltration. Not only does it fail to give way to our laws and customs. Quite the contrary, as time goes by it tries to impose its own laws on us,” Bardot writes.

“We were disturbed by their barbaric practices; we went to court; we condemned their unacceptable behaviour which left homes covered in blood, and filled rubbish chutes with skin, bone and oozing brains. To no avail!” says the activist, who has been convicted three times for inciting racial hatred.

The anti-racist group Movement Against Racism And For Friendshp Between Peoples (MRAP) [otherwise known as “Stupid Brainless Retards Without Front Teeth (SBRWFT)” — ed.] said Monday it would once again sue Bardot over the book. “This work is unacceptable. It is a real call for racism, discrimination and violence,” said president Mouloud Aounit.

Elsewhere in “A cry in the silence,” Bardot describes those responsible for the September 11 attacks in the US as “monstrous, satanic men,” and then adds:

“All those ‘youths’ who terrorise the population, rape young girls, train pit-bulls for attack … spit on the police — they are the ones who at the smallest signal from their chiefs will suddenly put us through the same kind of thing that happened in a Moscow theatre.”

There are plenty of other targets for Bardot’s unflinching abuse — notably modern gays who, unlike her own dignified homosexual friends, “jiggle their bottoms, put their little fingers in the air and with their little castrato voices moan about what those ghastly heteros put them through.”

As for modern art it has become “shit — literally as well as figuratively.”

“Shit has been put on show in little dry piles, accompanied by used sanitary towels and condoms, forming new millennium sculpture — acclaimed by all the jet-set dolts, the experts, the arses, the motors of what we call fashion,” she says.

In politics she likes President Jacques Chirac “as a human and a friend,” and praises his stand on Iraq (news – web sites). Far right leader Jean-Marie le Pen and Trotskyist Arlette Laguiller are sincere and consistent. But the rest are “weather vanes who turn left or right as the fancy takes them.”

Not even French prostitutes are what they used to be, bemoans the star of “And God created Woman.”

“Our lovely, kind street-walkers have been replaced by girls from the East, Nigerians, travellers, trans-sexuals, drag-queens, bearers of AIDS (news – web sites) and other friendly gifts. Having a risk-free go is becoming a real exploit,” Bardot writes.

It is time, she says, to re-open the “maisons closes” — the authorised brothels shut down by the government in 1946 when Bardot was 11.

“All spent fluids would enjoy the medical and sanitary surveillance that is indispensible to our age — an age in which all venereal diseases come to us borne by men and women who traffic their various orifices and contaminate those who fill them,” she writes.


Animal welfare campaigners staged a demonstration outside the French Embassy today (16th March) in protest at the illegal outdoor ritual slaughter of sheep around Paris for the festival of Eid-el-Kabir, which takes place from today. Blood-soaked, sheep masked protesters ‘died’ on the steps of the French Embassy in Knightsbridge, London at 10.00 am, whilst the message “France – Stop the Cruel Sheep Slaughter” was unfurled. The event was organised by leading farm animal welfare group, Compassion In World Farming (CIWF).

“It is high time that France stopped ignoring European law and put an end to this cruel and illegal outdoor slaughter”, said CIWF’s Campaigns Director, Philip Lymbery, whilst handing in a letter of protest to the French Embassy. “Thousands of British sheep are exported every year, ending up in these killing fields around Paris where they are ritually killed outdoors. Their throats are cut whilst fully conscious, and the animals left to endure an often long and painful death.”

Ritual slaughter outdoors is illegal under both EU and French law (ritual slaughter must be carried out in an abattoir). However, both the European Commission and the French authorities refuse to enforce the law. Each year, thousands of sheep, including British animals, are slaughtered by being held down on the ground or on wooden trestles. Then their throats are cut while they are fully conscious. They will be left to bleed to death, a process that can take several minutes. Many of those doing the killing are untrained and simply hack-away at the animals’ throats indiscriminately.

Bardot worries that the last generation of immigration will prove to have been nothing short of a disaster for the French nation:

“Over the last twenty years, we have given in to a subterranean, dangerous, and uncontrolled infiltration, which not only resists adjusting to our laws and customs but which will, as the years pass, attempts to impose its own.”

In a country whose badly alienated and increasingly restive Muslim population is said to be at around ten percent of the national total and growing fast, this does not strike me as an unreasonable fear—much less a legally actionable one.

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1 September 22, 2012 at 12:37 am

Sweet and innocent muslim-zombies children from literally birth are just forcibly self-retarded by idiotic and absurd indoctrination and forehead pounding scar tissue forming stone floor forehead banging tock tock tock tocking self inflicted literal medical brain damage……that continues a lifetime. This has to be stopped at once. Muslim-zombies have to show some logical thought and leave illogical islam behind and those that can’t have to be sent to new-thought free thought schools. Any self-remaining muslim-zombies that do get violent in and with society will have to be dealt with by us by their self-chosen law ….sharia law.
In a democracy too if you screw up and insist you’re a muslim-zombies we’ll sharia you. If you aren’t a muslim-zombies it’s automatic-democracy rules. Arguments aside….Harm has to be and can only to be dealt with harm only. There is no other way….it seems. Quarantine time.
And just when will Angelina Jolie be made a Bond girl ? When she’s as old as the current M lady who’s not bad for 80…?
And as we speak muslim-zombies in Pakistan under the islamic guidance of a mullah who’s still not rightly torn and burnt a koran are smashing away with iron rods and hammers all still visible signs of the great and ancient Mohenjodaro and Harrappa civilisations …soon even the Egyptian pyramids will go. Have no doubt about this. Slowly everything will go…..Let us not underestimate hate. Hate can clear minds ……and a planet….our planet !!
That’s all we do ….it seems.

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