Egypt to try US Copts over anti-Islam film – an attack on US sovereignty and free speech

by Gramfan on September 18, 2012

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The Australian has the story:

EGYPT’S public prosecutor has ordered that seven US-based Egyptian Copts be tried over their role in an anti-Islam film that sparked violent clashes around the world, his office says.

The seven – Adel Riad, Morris Sadek, Nabil Bissada, Esmat Zaklama, Elia Bassily, Ihab Yaacoub and Jack Atallah – were accused of “insulting the Islamic religion, insulting the Prophet (Mohammed) and inciting sectarian strife”.

The prosecution said they were involved in either the production or the distribution of the film Innocence of Muslims.

No trial date has not yet been set.

The film, believed to have been produced by a small group of extremist Christian Americans, has sparked a week of furious protests outside US embassies and other American symbols in at least 20 countries, including Egypt.

The crude low-budget production mocks Islam and portrays the Prophet Mohammed as immoral and violent, while touching on themes of homosexuality and pedophilia.

Several cast members say they were duped into acting in the amateurish film, which has been linked to a non-profit group called Media for Christ, and was apparently produced by a convicted fraudster.

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1 J September 24, 2012 at 12:56 am

Hilarity here:
“**portrays** the Prophet Mohammed as immoral and violent, while touching on themes of homosexuality and pedophilia.” Portrays the child-raping demon-posessed piece of dung as violent? That is rather like saying that a photograph of Elsie the Cow ‘portrays a cow as a large, four legged herbivorous animal with pendant udders, often used to produce milk for human consumption’.
But as for the trials of people accused of mocking the pervert moohammud, let us recall the American Gestapo with badges, who did their best to please their muslim masters by stormtrooping to the door of the poor bastard who made that silly video, posing him for photo ops for the media, whom the pigs had alerted to be on standby, and dragging hi out of his home in the wee hours, to show their muslims owners that when a muzzie snaps his fingers, the pigs will jump! And how many did it take to arrest a non-violent, unarmed man? More than they send to bring in a serial rapist, or a child molester or a gang-banger. their Mommas must be SO proud of their little pig boys!
Frankly, I’m surprised that the scumbag dhimmipigs didn’t gun him down in front of his wife and kids. 👿

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