The Hizb-ut-Tahrir Khilafah (Caliphate) conference and the Muslim riots in Sydney

by Gramfan on September 17, 2012

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If you aren’t familiar with Hizb-ut-Tahrir, it’s time to start paying attention. They’re a dangerous worldwide organization devoted to Islamic expansionism and the establishment of a new Islamic Caliphate. In other words, they’re all about ramping up jihad to the next level.

The Hizb-ut-Tahrir conference in Sydney follows on the heels of the violent Muslim riots in Sydney.

Coincidence? We doubt it!

Michael Smith: Before you dismiss the Muslim Uprising conference – read this

Khilafah conference in Australia

Sean went to his mum’s place yesterday – read his account here.

Geez, Michael. I went over to my Mums today. When I got there, she was on the Internet listening to the “live” feed on her pc. Thank you for making us aware of the conference. We sat and watched, listened, to the call to arms by what I think is a terrorist organisation, a cult. The second last speaker called on all Muslim Australians to “throw the Australian Constitution in the bin”. He said from now on they (Muslim’s) should only recognise Sharia Law. Later, a fellow of African descent pleaded as to what they needed to do from today; in Arabic. What on earth did he say? I am worried these extremists are about to embark on acts of terror in this Nation as we have never seen before. I can’t believe Gillard is not on the News condemning this violence in Sydney and stating we will not tolerate this behavior in any form. It is time for all us Aussies to stand up and show these “nut-jobs” we are not going to accept their religious law in our country and we hold our Constitution dear to our hearts. We value freedom and will not let it go by a simple minority we were kind enough, silly enough, to allow on our shores. I talked to my 22 year old daughter today, who has not seen the News. She responded saying proudly, I don’t watch the News. I can not believe how dismissive the younger generation are, even though I have tried to instill the values of being informed as part of my parenting. I feel like the education system has been working against me all these years and part of the problem. The awakening of the younger generation is paramount to the realities of what we face today. Seriously, how could anyone not know what happened in Sydney yesterday? Obviously, I explained the seriousness of the situation to my daughter and hope she and her partner are now interested in what is going on. I am comfortable my two kids are now aware. I just wonder how many other people in Australia are unaware and complacent? Political Correctness has made us weak. I can only hope the majority of Australians are aware and ready to fight in every way they can. Talk to your families and friends, is my advice. Make sure they know what is happening and are ready to take on the hard questions. If they are not, our way of life will be threatened. That is not something I am prepared to let happen.

The Pickering Post: Gillard approves of visa for radical Islamist

UK Islamic activist Taji Mustafa, an advocate for the destruction of Israel, addressed a gathering of 500 people at the annual conference of the radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir (HUT) at Bankstown in Sydney this weekend.

Banned in a host of countries, Taji Mustafa has a free reign in Australia with Gillard’s approval.

Abbott has demanded his visa be withdrawn. Gillard said, “I will not be withdrawing his visa on Tony Abbott’s say so.”

Taji Mustafa’s philosophy is one of hatred. He specialises in fomenting anger against the West to incite riots. He then stands aside claiming innocence.

HUT demands a World-wide caliphate. Mustafa states he wants all those who are not Muslim to be sequestrated into impotent groups. He says, “All those who do not work to this end will be punished.”

Now, I maybe a conspiracy theorist but I do recall a man named Adolph who once required all Jews be sequestrated (prior to marching them off to death camps).

The fact that Gillard approves of this sinister peddler of World-wide Islamic supremacy, represents her further capitulation to Green demands for the abolition of Israel.

Mustafa describes himself as a knowledgeable prophet of wisdom and takes credit for UK uprisings demanding the death of all Westerners who do not surrender to Islam.

Islamic doctrine does not aspire to assimilation. It demands we, the benevolent host country, succumb to Islam under the threat of death.

Islam is not a religious sect that demands tolerance under our Constitution. It is an international movement that demands our, and Israel’s, destruction. Last time I looked the crime of “sedition” was still a criminal offence in Australia.

Perhaps Gillard has developed dementia since she allowed her Practising Certificate in law to lapse.

Islamic violence reaches its height only after the Mullahs have conducted prayers in mosques. One wonders what they were preaching.

Why are we surprised at a disgusting Islamic demonstration of hatred when we invite a proponent here to promote it?

Cartoon and comments here.

Andrew Bolt: Kill enough people, and the NYT will respect your faith

New York Times editorial, 2 October 1999, on Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ — a Jesus on the cross submerged in the artist’s urine— and Chris Ofili’s The Holy Virgin Mary, covered in elephant dung and pornographic images:

“To be sure, many citizens of conscience find parts of the Brooklyn exhibition repugnant, and it is understandable that many Roman Catholics would find Chris Ofili’s image of the Virgin Mary offensive. Others would agree with our colleague William Safire that while the Brooklyn Museum has a right to show what it likes, the administrators have been clumsy or needlessly provocative. Yet a Daily News poll shows that the majority of New Yorkers support the museum over Mayor Giuliani by a ratio of two to one. Those numbers show a broad-based support for New York’s role as the nation’s cultural capital. The people understand intuitively what Mr. Giuliani ignores for political gain. A museum is obliged to challenge the public as well as to placate it, or else the museum becomes a chamber of attractive ghosts, an institution completely disconnected from art in our time.

New York Times editorial, 12 September 2012:

[W]hoever made the film [alleged to have incited Libyan and Cairo embassy riots and murders] did true damage to the interests of the United States and its core principle of respecting all faiths..

(Thanks to reader Alan RM Jones.)

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1 Arius September 18, 2012 at 3:11 am

You are right. If Christians started killing politicians, journalists, and Hollywood people for defamation of Christianity such defamation would cease. It works for Muslims, it would work for Christians.

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