Muslim rioting spreads to Australia

by 1389 on September 15, 2012

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Child holding sign near Sydney riot: Behead all those who insult the Prophet
Child holding sign near Sydney riot
Photo: @jttozer Arrests made after police officers injured at anti-Islamic film protest in Sydney CBD

POLICE used capsicum spray during a running battle with angry rioters in the Sydney CBD yesterday as an anti-America rally erupted into a series of violent clashes.

Triggered by a YouTube video mocking Islam and the prophet Mohammed, the city was rocked by a wild melee involving more than a 1000 protesters, with police being struck by water bottles, rocks and pieces of timber.

Six policemen were among a dozen people injured, with two officers requiring hospital treatment as the inner-city streets and Hyde Park turned into bloody battlegrounds.

Frontline police, including a dozen dog handlers, resorted to using capsicum spray as a wall of protesters tried to storm past them.

The Sydney riot follows a deadly wave of Islamic protests around the world which have left at least six people dead – including the horrific killings of US ambassador Chris Stevens and three US nationals in Libya on Tuesday.

The Sydney riot caused traffic chaos, forcing diversions as the placard-waving protesters – many of them women and children – gathered at Sydney’s Town Hall around noon before moving to the US consulate in Martin Place.

Most disturbing was a shocking image of a young boy in Hyde Park holding a sign declaring: “Behead all those who insult the prophet”. It went viral on social media.

Other sign slogans included: “Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell”.

The crowd then headed to Hyde Park chanting “Down, down USA”.

It’s there where the violence exploded. As police tried to disperse the crowd officers were attacked. They used capsicum spray to defend themselves. Police said cars were damaged and eight people were arrested.

At least one man was arrested in the late afternoon for attacking a police dog.

At least seven people were taken to hospital. Violence again broke out at 4.30pm when riot police clashed with the surging crowd as it attempted to move from Hyde Park towards Martin Place.

Story, photos here.

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The Muslim Issue: Did Australia create a film about Mohammed? Muslims attack and beat police

The Muslim excuse for violence is getting thinner and thinner. Wasn’t their violence blamed on a U.S. made film? Then what does Australia got to do with it? Muslims are rioting in Australia, spitting on police and hitting them.

In July 2012 Nasser Al-Bahri, former bodyguard of Osama Bin Laden, warned that there would be large scale attacks against the West in “near future”. The plotting and planning continues, and the masses are made to become more aggressive and angry.

Hopefully these worldwide riots are a wake-up call for the West to realize what they are doing with their immigration policies and weaknesses. They need to plan to begin removing Muslim migrants, and stop all further immigration of more Muslims to the west.

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1 Stogie September 15, 2012 at 10:38 pm

I suspect that there will be an anti-Muslim backlash, sooner or later. For me, the sooner the better. It’s time to round ’em up and put them on transport ships headed to the nearest Islamic hell hole.

2 Norm September 15, 2012 at 11:25 pm

We are at war with Islam…their Field Marshall is in the White House!

3 1389 September 16, 2012 at 9:08 pm


Either that, or the empty chair in the White House is the figurehead and other Muslims are pulling all the strings.

4 Aussie September 18, 2012 at 4:23 am

How dare any community or race hide behind a religion to insight violence. If Ala is the one true almighty god why would he need a bunch of mindless thugs to do his work.You are indoctrinated mindless plebs that follow without rational thought or reason.If your God is not strong enough to handle humour or those who question, I suggest he is about as real as the excuses of those who use his name to try and screw up everything that is better than their miserable lives. How the hell do any of you know what Ala wants or your so called prophets,your to busy mindlessly following the controlling hypocrytes.

5 Karl September 21, 2012 at 6:38 am

OK, mate. We are publishing your comment, but we need to correct an issue or two in italics. We definitely appreciate what you have to say, but we cannot let a few of your things slip. (We are a counterjihad blog, not a debate club).
CzechRebel Blog Admin

Look this is AUSTRALIA. Our ancestors expect us to demonstrate, we all demonstrate at the drop of a hat round here. But it’s always PEACEFUL . We all understand that an “idiot” from one our allies people gave you shit. Most Australians would never participate in an act of hate like that video, against anyone or any people.

The video in question is definitely NOT “an act of hate.” Comedy and hate are not the same thing. If the Muslims insist on characterizing Muhammad as the “perfect man” they must face the music. New evidence cast doubt on whether or not Muhammad even existed or was merely a legend created after the fact to promote Arabic conquest. If he did exist, and if the things that the three major Islamic texts say about him are true, he was one piece of work. He was a hardened criminal and a pervert. So, our Muslim friends had better lighten up, or go back to their sand dunes and leave the rest of the world alone.

But we all know that it’s more than just another dumb youtube video.

This is the 21st Century. Dumb or smart, we are overwhelmed with with videos and certain people will have to get used to it.

The world can feel another war, and we are getting ready for it.

We think you are right. We are either headed for a major war or a future of slavery under new Islamic masters.

I saw at least two demonstrations this week in qld alone but it was never Violent because as soon as you do that you give the governing body more excuses to invade our private lives. And more importantly none of us tolerate violence towards our police, and I thank the Australian Moslem Leader’s echoing this. Even the coppers have unions. But more importantly not only are we related to them they represent OUR communities yours and ours. Most Australians dont see sex race sexuality spiritual beliefs or even age as divisions. We see them simply as co-existing elements of a much larger community .. what is AUSTRALIA. by the way im atheist and of Aboriginal, English, Italian, Irish and possibly Polynesian and Chinese descent. I’M AUSTRALIAN

A lot of folks in the States are the same way. E.g., I know for a fact that I am half Czech. The other half of the family is not too sure about its ethnicity. However, Islam is not about race! Anyone can join. But Islam is like those macabre stories of hotels where anyone can “check in” but no one can “check out.” Islam may infect people of all ethnic groups.

My wifes a teacher and she came home and told me what she saw one day. “They r was a polynesian kid, an african kid, an asian kid, afghanistani kid, a white kid and an aboriginal kid and they were all sitting around playing the same app on thier ipads playing against eachother giving eachother shit but all being mates at the same time” and my wife thought “how cool , only in Australia”

Thanks again for your comment. We feel a little bad about breaking it up like this, but treating Muslims by the same standards as we treat other people simply is not hate and is not racist. It is what most people fight to achieve, equality. However, radical Muslims are demanding to be our masters.

6 WLIL September 22, 2012 at 11:11 am

Islam is inherently divisive and discriminatory. See how those Malays not only embraced Islam, but also gave their own ethnic Malays lots of special rights and special privileges via their claiming of being the indigenous group and via Islam. Nothing surprisng about that since Islam can be described as one of the most racist ideology, even though it is only an ideology and not a race. Hopefully, Australia would not end up being enslave by Islam.

7 jimi belton September 23, 2012 at 11:45 pm

Friends, i read the other day where everyone should start making defaming cartoons and exposing ” the prophet, Mo de Ho”….and making up signs and banners and leave them laying around… kno, bee a bully, to and about Mo de Ho….I have a good one planned for This blind schik in prizon, about to be released by our Full blown Homo, O`Zambo…..If you need to whack me off at the knees, ok den….

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