Gulf of Tonkin 2012? Does anything really change that much?

by CzechRebel on September 14, 2012

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Is History Repeating Itself?

LBJ photo
It was 1964 and one of the best men who ever sought the job was running for President, albeit somewhat reluctantly. The man in the White House was an out-and-out Communist, although neither he nor his followers would ever admit it. However, to call the Great Society programs anything other than “Communism” is clearly a mischaracterization. It would be only a matter of time before the American public would put two and two together and would go to the polls to launch the golden age that might have been, which would have been known as the Goldwater Era.

The ruthless man in the White House, Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ), who had become President after a mysterious assassination, needed something to keep voters’ minds off the facts. So, he looked to a part of the world that few Americans thought of, or even knew of: Vietnam. French colonialists had planted Roman Catholic missionaries into this remote corner of the world; thus, Roman Catholics had read their church’s propaganda materials about the area. Other than that, there was little concern about southeast Asia. The Vietnamese people had been very helpful to the Allies during World War II, and the Allies had promised “free elections” after the war. When the war ended, a line was drawn, east to west, across the small and primarily coastal land of Vietnam. Japanese troops north of the line were to surrender to the Soviets and those to the south were to surrender to the United States. Of course, those “free elections” never came. Why not? Oh, the US government had promised them and . . . well . . . you can always trust the US government, just ask any American Indian, or, for that matter, any Serb. (For those who still insist on trusting the US government, we can get you a good deal on purchasing the Brooklyn Bridge.)

So, LBJ created a crisis overseas to take voters’ minds of the crises at home. Tons of material has been written about the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. To sum it up in one short sentence: LBJ lied. Congress agreed to let him fight an “undeclared war” and presto-change-o-abracadabra, LBJ was “tough on Communism.” Never mind that LBJ was a left-wing extremist himself.

…Words May Differ, But the Music Is the Same

Well, now it is 2012, and a man who might be a slightly better than average President is running for office against one of the worst men to ever get near the Oval Office, much less sit behind the presidential desk. The man in the White House is a radical Muslim by any objective standard. He is the son of a Muslim father, which, by Muslim standards, makes him a Muslim by birth, whether anybody likes it or not. Moreover, his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was a Muslim. He was educated in a Muslim school. There are papers floating around showing Barack Hussein Obama’s faith to be Islam. He even speaks favorably of the Muslim call to prayer.

Because the ‘recovery’ from the 2008-2012 depression has been no recovery at all, the ruthless man in the White House must find a crisis to take eyes off the fact that he has mismanaged the domestic front so badly. But where can he find one? Oh, yes, it’s the eleventh anniversary of the 9-11 attack. Muslim terrorist like to use anniversaries to repeat their acts of violence. Americans in Muslim lands are particular targets, especially in the wake of Islamic revolutions. The 1979 attack on the US Embassy in Iran was a good example. Hundreds of Americans were taken hostage and many of them were held hostage for over a year. Any President in his right mind would have ordered heightened security for American embassies and consulates for the 9-11 anniversary in all Muslim countries, especially those in which an Islamic revolution has recently taken place.

Where was the heightened security for September 11, 2012? It was nowhere! Didn’t the Obama Administration realize that there would be a heightened risk of Islamic violence on that day? Of course they did! The Obama Administration doesn’t mind sacrificing a few American lives, even the life of an American Ambassador. But it is a manufactured crisis. The Obama Administration was looking for its own Gulf of Tonkin to give Obama a chance to play the ‘hero’ right before election time. If a war results, the Obama Administration won’t care, as long is Obama is re-elected. If it ends up costing thousands of American lives, it matters not to the Obama Administration.

This Could Mean War

If history is any guide, we might expect a new war with some place in the Islamic world to show that Obama is tough on “terrorism.” Don’t be fooled; this is nothing new. Muslims have been fighting other Muslims for as long as they have been fighting non-Muslims. Don’t get me wrong, we are NOT predicting this–just raising the possibility.

Fool Us Once Shame on You; Fool Us Twice Shame on US!

So, don’t fall for it! If Obama ends up starting yet another war that ends up killing more Muslims, that doesn’t mean Obama is not a radical Islamist. Had my parents’ generation seen through the likes of LBJ, we might be looking back at the mid- to late-1960s as a period of peace and prosperity. No war in Vietnam. No anti-American movement. No galloping socialism. No runaway inflation. Just think of all the bad things of the 1960s and think that maybe, just maybe, it need not have happened that way. OK, maybe the music would not have been so good, but look at the price we paid.

Be that as it may…

War or no war, Obama has already shed innocent blood through failing to provide adequate security at American embassies and consulates.

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1 1389 September 15, 2012 at 8:21 pm

Hmmm…my own prediction is more along the lines of “Reichstag Fire” – an excuse to crack down on freedom of speech for people like Rev. Terry Jones, you, and me.

The feds have already taken the videomaker into custody.

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