“How bad do you have to be to provoke rage in a Buddhist monk? Pretty bad!”

by 1389 on September 6, 2012

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Sheik has the story:

Buddhist Monks Demand Expulsion of Muslims From Burma…

Buddhist monks protest in Burma

Islam delenda est!

Leave or perish, soldiers of allah!

The Burmese must have learned something from India, where Buddhists were entirely wiped out by Muslim invaders…

Story here.

Says Cheradenine Zakalwe:

I don’t usually cover events outside of Europe on this blog but I thought this item was worth highlighting given its relevance to our situation. It shows, to anyone who still doubts it, that Islam really is uniquely problematical. Antipathy to Islam is not the expression of some generalised “xenophobia”. Islam is genuinely different. It also shows that more and more people are coming to realise that there really is no solution to the problems Muslims present except confining them to territories of their own and quarantining them from the rest of the human race. In practice, that means expelling Muslims from the non-Muslim territories they’re already in. Whoever has moral inhibitions about this – and that includes quite a few people in the Counterjihad movement – needs to overcome them.

We at 1389 Blog wholeheartedly concur.

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1 dr.music September 7, 2012 at 1:56 am

A lament from the times of islam’s birth in all the minds of people who knew and currently know that islam has come too close for their own good. Islam was started only because moremad-the-dirty arab wanted to be richer faster and without any morals….moremad-the-dirty arab is showing today’s italian and any mafia types how to do it right…..even the Italian mafia will be talking guttural-arabic soon…anyway…..

i Curse this world,
i curse this time,
i curse this fate of mine that uncivilized and never to be civilised arabs have come to make me and my loving and free and laughing family into dirty surly and gutter-uncouth savage muslims like themselves.

And savages they are….if we can’t call a savage a savage and a mad man a mad man one of these days very soon they’ll come and tell us to call muslims humans and believe that islam a religion. Just imagine….but you can’t imagine not because you’re not John Lennon but because moremad-the-dirty arab said don’t imagine…..what will happen to your children if you don’t get out from a robber’s dirty religion that is actually a cult ! What will you tell your children ? Will you tell them i know it’s very wrong but moremad-the-dirty arab said so , so it is right. You’re f-ing mad !! And a coward.

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