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by 1389 on August 26, 2012

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“No religion has the power to impose anything upon anyone, at any time within our shared and interdependent living system”.

“Everyone must obey the common laws, regardless of a person’s religion”.


In Canada, the following laws and rules of conduct apply to everyone, regardless of any religious belief, as stated hereunder:

In order to vote, people must show their face
A woman has the right to divorce her husband
A woman who divorces can be given the custody of her children
A woman who divorces is entitled to half of the wealth that was accumulated during the marriage
All students, male or female, must participate in compulsory art, drafting and drawing classes
All students, male or female, must participate in compulsory music classes
Women are allowed to play any musical instrument of their choice
All students, male and female, must participate in compulsory science classes
A girl cannot marry until she has reached the age of 16
A girl cannot be forced into a marriage with a man
Genital mutilation of young girls, teenage girls and women is prohibited and punishable by law
A woman or a girl cannot be murdered for disobeying her husband, father or kindred
Women and girls cannot be subjected to physical abuse for not respecting their religious traditions
Women are allowed to wear trousers
No areas of the public domain can be used for religious practices or customs
Public areas do not provide rooms for ablutions or incantations
A taxi driver must drive a sight-impaired customer accompanied by his eyesight dog and respect the animal
A taxi driver cannot refuse service to a customer carrying unopened or sealed alcoholic beverages
When the law requires wearing a safety helmet, everyone must wear it
Each sport has particular safety dress codes that must be observed by all participants
The food served to prison inmates does not necessarily meet any religious requirements
The food served in our schools does not necessarily meet any religious requirements
The food served in our hospitals does not necessarily meet any religious requirements
Men and women swim together in public facilities
Women do not bathe fully-clothed in public pools
At school, a girl can sit next to a boy
Girls and boys travel together in the same school bus
Towards the year-end, people are allowed to wish each other “Merry Christmas”
Towards the year-end, people are allowed to decorate Christmas trees
At work or elsewhere, a woman can read a letter written by a man
At work or elsewhere, a man can read a letter written by a woman
Doctors and nurses of both sexes are allowed to care for male patients
Doctors and nurses of both sexes are allowed to care for female patients
At the hospital, a female nurse can be alone in a room with a man
At the hospital, a woman patient communicates personally with the doctor
At the hospital, a patient can receive a blood transfusion
In hospitals, patients wear the required clothing
In hospitals, working personnel and medical staff wear the required clothing
An employer can require employees to wear a regulation uniform
Schools can require their students to wear uniforms
Men can accompany their wives to prenatal classes
In any situation, a woman can rescue a man
In any situation, a man can rescue a woman
A woman can teach boys
At the pool, a female lifeguard can oversee the safety of men and boys
A female police officer can speak to and reprimand a man
A woman can show her hair without being raped
A male police officer can speak to and reprimand a woman
An employee can work after sunset
An employee may have to work on Sundays
Female ambulance staff can transport and treat a man
Employees all share the same legal holidays
Workers must follow workplace schedules
Children do not fast during school sessions
All students are required to follow the school schedules
The law requires that all girls must attend school
Workers must eat to perform their duties adequately
Schedules for school exams must be respected by everyone
Everyone participates in the sport programs of their school
Men and women participate together in sporting events
Schedules for amateur sporting events must be respected by all
In our schools, children do not carry weapons or fake weapons
In the workplace, employees do not carry weapons or fake weapons
A female student must be alone when taking a school exam
A woman can correct a male student’s exam
A woman can teach a man
Men and women can play sports together
The food we eat does not have to be determined by any religious dictate
Store displays do not have to be determined or approved by any religious group
Our identity documents show a picture of our face
Men speak to women receptionists when phoning
In our hospitals, men and women can share the same room
Smoking in public areas is prohibited
Legally or verbally-divided property contracts must be respected by all
Towns and boroughs do not delimit certain areas for religious purposes
Anyone can be approached by a sniffer-trained dog
No book can teach a man to beat his wife
No book can recommend public-hangings for homosexuals
It is forbidden to physically attack people who do not think like us
Deceased people are not burnt in public areas
When a person dies, an autopsy can be required.
In our hospitals, beds are not oriented for prayer purposes
In our hospitals, alcohol- and gelatine-based products are used
Alcoholic beverages are sold on university campuses
The state can profit from the sale of alcoholic beverages
In our schools, children read the nursery rhyme book “The Three Little Pigs”
People are free to believe or not believe in God or deities
All must obey our laws, whether they are state, municipal or governmental
It is forbidden to disinter corpses for celebration purposes
To better communicate, people look each other in the eyes
In public, people show their faces uncovered
When meeting, a woman can shake a man’s hand
People of different skin colour attend the same schools and mix with everyone
In the workplace, men and women work side by side
In a waiting line, men and women each wait for their turn
When using public transportation, a woman may stand or sit wherever she wants
Polygamy is illegal and punishable by law
Universities, schools and hospitals do not provide places for prayer
Factories and other workplaces do not provide places for prayer
Every unionized worker must pay his union dues


All beliefs such as horoscope, hand reading, tea leaf reading, numerology, tarot and other religions are permitted. However, their practice may be restrained if we wish to secure harmony and ensure social peace.


Rather than ask society to rack its brains to accommodate religions, it is much easier to request that religions inform their followers how to live happily in a modern and democratic society such as Canada.

More about the Walk Your Dog Rally on September 14 from 1010 Radio

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1 Fenris Badwulf August 26, 2012 at 11:14 am

I can appreciate the sentiments. It is good to write this sort of stuff down, lawgiver fashion.

However, the time for such methods has past. This is the twenty-first century, not the twentieth. Christian morality has been expunged from our culture, only remnants and shards remain. Into the vacuum what has come? The ability challenged activists did not control or shape the creatures that now rule our moral system.

Now is a time for action; the time for words has past.

Find out who around you is like minded. Gather resources. Undermine your enemies. Deny them resources.

2 1389 August 26, 2012 at 5:36 pm

@Fenris Badwulf,
I agree that it’s time for action. But we still need words to motivate like-minded people to take action.

We must see to it that all Muslims are deported from non-Muslim countries. We have a long way to go before that happens, and the role of this blog is to push the envelope of acceptable topics for debate in the US and other western societies. We advocate energy independence and the avoidance of Muslim-owned businesses and organizations. It’s our job to hold politicians’ feet to the fire.

Back in 1999, when we were not blogging, but rather, running a counterjihad email list, we were nearly alone in the world. Scarcely anybody listened to us. Now our message is being picked up in more and more places. We don’t care whether anybody gives us credit for that. We just want our principles to be implemented. It takes roughly twenty years, at the minimum, to make a change in public opinion. Suffice it to say that we are working on it, in person as well as on the blog.

3 philipzhao August 26, 2012 at 7:20 pm

“Muslims must be deported from all non-muslim countries.”
It’ll be difficult for China to deport 1.4 hundred million muslims populated in Northwestern China. What’s more, they are not immigrants, and are there for as long as China exists. However, I’d be willing to bet that China will be the last nation in the world to be Islamized. And as long as China remains as a Comuunist counttry, the muslims will not have the guts to make trouble. And if they do, China will quell them down without compunction.

4 CzechRebel August 26, 2012 at 7:50 pm

You say “China will be the last nation in the world to be Islamized”? If need be, can you help me immigrate there?

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