“Dream Act”: My fax to Representative Allen West and his response to me

by Sparta on August 12, 2012

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I received a personal hand-written note:

From the Office of Allen B. West,
United States Representative,
House of Representatives
Washington, D.C., 20515

Fri. 29 June 2012

Mrs. Jatras,

Ma’am, thanks so very much for your letter and for watching the C-SPAN segment. I am not happy with putting our American boys and girls second to those here illegally…but then again it is about votes. I have to agree with your son & you in that Republicans blew it. As for my future, it is in God’s hands!

Steadfast & Loyal, Allen

Following is the FAX I sent to Representative Allen West

FAX Page 1 of 2


FROM: STELLA L JATRAS (email address omitted)


DATE: 18 JUNE 2012

Good morning Representative West, this morning I was very gratified to hear your position on President Obama’s Dream Act –

This is a two-page FAX, so please bear with me.

If you were watching the previous guest, I called in as “Stella,” and echoed much the same sentiment you had. I began with “Charity begins at home. Our kids are coming out of high schools and colleges and can’t find jobs which means that they would be competing for these jobs with Dream kids if President Obama’s arrogant and unconstitutional declaration is enacted.”

I also said on C-SPAN that it is not fair for people who have been waiting for years to come to our country. As to the issue that many of these kids don’t speak Spanish, how much English did their parents know when they came to this country? Spanish is a very easy language to learn – furthermore, chances are they learned to speak Spanish in many cases before they went to first grade.

It is bothersome that Governors such as Rick Perry has a policy of helping children of illegal immigrants get a college education in Texas, and Senators such as Marco Rubio has his own version of the Dream Act. No such assistance is given to American kids where parents are struggling to get their kids an education. Denver College cut tuition in half….For Illegal Immigrants!

As a Conservative and a Republican, I really get angry when I am accused of being against this president because he is Black. I would have voted for Alan Keyes in a heartbeat, and he is 100% Black, yet these same people who accuse me of being a racist would never vote for someone like Alan Keyes because he is a conservative Black.

When the young Conservative Black called in, I turned to my husband and said, “I wish West would get in touch with him and help him,” and by Jove!!! You did better! You offered him an internship!

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FYI: My husband flew F-4s in Vietnam and by the grace of God, came back safe.

Not to sound too unsympathetic to their plight, it appears now that they have received such a good education in our country, many at the expense of our taxes, it would be to their credit to return to Mexico (since this is the highest number of illegal aliens in our country) and help their own citizens with their talents as doctors and lawyers build Mexico. .

As usual, there is always the caller who still blames President Bush for whatever problems we have in our country, so I also threw in, “President Bush is gone! It’s time to stop beating a dead horse!!”

One more thing, Congressman: My son once said, “We have a two party system, the evil party and the stupid party, and we’re the stupid party.” He was referring to the fact that at one time we Republicans had the WH, Congress and the Senate and we blew it! We started spending like drunken sailors and how Conservative issues could have been passed but were not when they had the power.

Congressman, I am 80 years old and I may not live long enough to see it, but I am hoping that my grandchildren will see you one day become President of the United States.

Best of luck on your re-election campaign. Please let me know where to send a contribution.

My address is: (omitted)

Stella and George Jatras

Get to know Allen West:

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