A conservative blogger is in desperate need! (and no, this isn’t about Zilla or 1389 Blog this time)

by 1389 on August 12, 2012

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There is a conservative blogger whose husband is DYING of congestive heart failure because they have depleted all of their resources to keep him alive and now he is rapidly deteriorating due to lack of proper medical care. She has been the subject of Kimberlin-style harassment for YEARS with these people stalking her in person in her community and they have managed to use lawfare to get a building that she owned taken right out from under her among other horrible things. [see correction below]

She really needs help and her husband will die without it.

Please help to get the word out about Cao and ask people to either hit her tip jar or hire her for one of the many professional services she offers. They are now in danger of losing their home & are selling their possessions; Cao may even have to lose her DOG!

It has gotten so bad that she and her husband have discussed divorce because that option may make him eligible for Medicaid.

Please pray for them and help to get the word out. Here is her link, please read and share:


Thank in advance for any help you can give her, even if it just prayer.

– Mare (Zilla)


TO: Zilla

I just saw it on 1389 blog…

The part about the building isn’t accurate.

My friend asked for my help to clean up his building in North Carolina, to rent or sell it. I traveled from Illinois to North Carolina and lived there for 6 months, trying to help him. These terrorist-like individuals came after me in the most horrible of ways…they were stalking me at the building, they were posting my visitors’ vehicle license plate numbers, make and models-they tried to interfere with whatever business we were trying to conduct – by contacting the local tax authorities claiming he had millions of dollars’ worth of property and he should pay taxes on it – by contacting the local government zoning; and other government agencies; and they found out who we were going to rent the building to, and contacted them, saying my friend was a con artist and fraud, and they harassed me with emails and phone calls.

They used lawfare to take control of the building, and while they had control of it, they took my friend’s possessions out of there.

Then it turned from renting or selling the building to court proceedings to get control of the building back, and to return his personal property.

I worked there from August or so of 2010 until the end of April, 2011.

It was a nightmare, but I did the best I could.

There is so much more to this convoluted story – but suffice it to say – that I am still being harassed today, and my friend died in January.

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1 Zilla August 13, 2012 at 9:54 am

Thank you, 1389!
I love the title of this post, BTW. 😆

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