Evil anti-Semitic bigot Jimmy Carter to address the Democratic National Convention

by 1389 on August 8, 2012

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The Democrats have abandoned America’s Jewish voters.

It’s as simple as that. Not only Barack Hussein Obama, but also the entire Democratic Party, have sold out to anti-Israel and pro-Muslim-Brotherhood interests.

Here’s the message to all American voters who are Jewish, and to all who support Israel’s right to exist:

  • The Democrats don’t need your help with their campaigns.
  • The Democrats don’t need your contributions.
  • The Democrats don’t need your votes.
  • In short, the Democrats have written you off.

“But my family has always voted Democrat!”

It’s long past time to stop voting for your enemies. The Democrats have made it clear that you and your family are expendable. Don’t vote for Democrat candidates at any level. Not even for dog catcher!

The Daily Caller has the story:

(h/t: Kafir)

By Caroline May

The Democratic National Convention Committee and Obama for America announced Tuesday that former President Jimmy Carter will be addressing the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte via video cast.

The former president is expected to focus on Obama’s attributes as a “global leader,” according to the DNCC and the Obama campaign.

“President Carter is one of the greatest humanitarian leaders of our time and a champion of democracy around the globe,” said 2012 Democratic National Convention Chair Antonio Villaraigosa in a statement Tuesday.

“A lifelong champion of human rights and investments in education and energy to spur economic development, President Carter will provide unique insight into President Obama’s ability to move our country forward and why we need his vision and leadership for a second term. President Obama is fighting for the next steps in our nation’s economic recovery, to reclaim America’s promise on behalf of hard-workers, the strivers, the dreamers, who ask only for a fair shot and a fair shake.”

While Carter — who was was elected in 1976 and served one term before being defeated by President Ronald Reagan in 1980 — will not be attending personally, the former president has already asserted his firm support for Obama’s reelection.

“Rosalynn and I regret that we will be unable to be at the Democratic Convention this year in Charlotte,” Carter said in a statement. “However, we remain steadfast in our support for President Obama and the progress he will make in the next four years.”

The former president’s address will air at the Time Warner Cable Arena on Sept. 4 in primetime.

Carter left office with a job approval rating of 34 percent.

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The comments here are contentious indeed.

Insane smiley in straitjacket

Just askin’…

Why will Jimmy Carter speak via videocast, rather than in person?

Has Carter become too demented to speak on his own in the convention hall? Might he go completely off the rails if he were to appear in a public venue full of noise and distractions?

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