Country musician Charlie Daniels schools Rahm Emanuel, Thomas Menino, and Barack Hussein Obama

by 1389 on August 5, 2012

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Preach it, brother!

From his blog:

…Dan Cathy’s convictions have been known for a long time, he doesn’t even allow his brand to open for business on Sunday in accordance with his beliefs in observing the Sabbath, and since his remarks about same-sex marriage do not come as a surprise to anybody with a modicum of gray matter, why all of a sudden are the mayors of major American cities in an uproar about it?

Do you think that drawing attention away from the murder rate on the streets of Chicago, that Emanuel doesn’t seem capable of doing anything about, have anything to do with it?

It’s an old political trick that Bill Clinton developed into an art form and Barack Obama’s whole 2012 campaign is based on. When you have big problems you can’t deal with, you point attention at anything other than your own shortcomings. It’s called the tail wagging the dog.

But this time they’ve hit a nerve, walked into a fastball they didn’t see coming as hundreds of thousands of Americans went out of their way to show their support and admiration for someone who would stand up for something they believe in and their distaste for out of touch, big city mayors who don’t respect anything that don’t agree with them.

Mr. Emanuel, Mr. Menino and your ilk, let’s see you go to a mosque and denounce the Muslim businessmen for their disapproval of same-sex marriage.

I double dare you.

What do you think?
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Charlie Daniels Band “Simple Man” Grand Ole Opry

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Charlie Daniels – “Simple Man” live at the Grand Ole Opry on 7/17/2007. For more information on the Grand Ole Opry visit

WND: Charlie Daniels unloads ‘dag-blamed truth’ on Obama

(h/t: Brookly Red)

Feisty music legend worries after November, ‘America will never be America again’

“There’s a move afoot to change life in America into a totally European – I’ve heard that so much I’m getting sick of it: ‘European’ – socialist thing,” says country-music legend Charlie Daniels, “but it’s the dag-blamed truth [sic], and it don’t work, it never has worked, and if America goes that way, America will never be America again.”

Daniels told WND in an exclusive interview that he expects 2012, with the nation’s very identity on the line, will be “the biggest election we have ever had.”

“In my 75 years on Earth, it’s never been as clear-cut as it is now,” Daniels said. “We’re either going to go into socialism, where part of the people work and the rest of them don’t, and the ones that do will be taxed to death, or – I got the point where I don’t trust politicians anymore, but hopefully – the other side represents, ‘Let’s put America back to work; let’s re-instill the work ethic back in people.’”

Since the 1950s Daniels has been a country singer and famed fiddler, perhaps best known for his hit song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” He was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2008.

But he also writes frequently on culture and politics, no stranger to bold statements in defense of God and country, and maintains a “soapbox” blog on his website,
Daniels told WND there have been a few people who have tried to silence him, too, to tell him to stick to his music and leave politics alone.

“People say, ‘Shut up and sing.’ Somebody said that,” Daniels said. “But shut up for what? Why don’t you shut up? What do you do? You do something else. You’re a private citizen. Do you think you should shut up? I’m speaking as a private citizen, so I think I have a perfect right to do that.”

And what about the owner of Chick-fil-A Dan Cathy and other Christians like him who are told to leave their religious beliefs out of the public and political sphere?

“That’s a bunch of junk,” Daniels said. “They need to stand up for what they believe in.”
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Charlie Daniels Band “Devil Went Down to Georgia” Grand Ole Opry

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Charlie Daniels Band performs “Devil Went Down to Georgia” on Opry Live. Charlie was inducted as the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium.

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