Everything bad that happens is all Bush's fault!

I suppose I ought to laugh. We Serbs spent the 1990s and the 2000s as a general dumping ground for blame, and it hasn’t stopped yet.

In our case, that blame is utterly groundless. It is simply an attack on Orthodox Christianity. Our enemies (in both parties) have spent two decades trying to make it stick, and it just doesn’t work.

In GWB’s case, not so much.

I deny Barack Hussein Obama the right to blame George W. Bush or anyone else for his own failures both at home and abroad.

I insist that Obama has only himself to blame for continuing and intensifying GWB’s wrongheaded policies in pandering to Islamic infiltration and expansionism – policies that GWB inherited from the Clinton administration and from the earlier George H. W. Bush administration.

Yes, they are all to blame – every president since Ronald Reagan left office. But then, how did each of those unworthy presidents gain office? More to the point, how did any of them get through the party primary process, and how did any of these failures manage to become public figures in the first place?

Ask yourself that.

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