Since our news media aren’t doing their job, we need to educate ourselves

by Hesperado on July 29, 2012

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Obama Dollar Bill Cartoon

by Hesperado
Diana West made that point, and urged her readers, and by extension the American public, to watch the two videos that cover the presentation of the so-called “Cold Case Posse” — i.e., the team of law enforcement experts put together by Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio to examine Obama’s online birth certificate.

Their conclusion is that forgery and fraud have been committed by Obama (not to mention the additional impropriety, if not a crime, of a cover-up of the fraud/forgery).

The two videos are here:

Video #1

Video #2

Diana West also notes that not a single news source in the mainstream media is covering this most important story (including the ongoing investigation of Sheriff Arpaio’s team in Hawaii this week).

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