Margolis Speaks With a Forked Tongue

by William Dorich on July 25, 2012

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By William Dorich

With Eric Margolis’ mother being an Albanian we now realize that he is not a journalist with honorable or trustworthy credentials, he is a propagandist, a Muslim mouthpiece willing to lie, cheat and manipulate facts and history to serve one agenda—the Muslim Albanian take over of sovereign Serbian territory.

For those of us who have done research and published books on Balkan history we know that in 1878 Serbia was internationally recognized as a nation at the Congress of Berlin. Forty years later in 1918 and after WWI the Serbs gave up their statehood to form the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians, later renamed Yugoslavia in 1926.

There was no mention of “Albanians” in forming either nation and for good reason, in 1918 the country of Albania was formed, a country 6 times the size of Kosovo. When the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was formed the records indicated that Albanians represented a population of about 450,000 less than 5% of the overall population. We are fully aware of Margolis’ agenda, to create a Greater Albania and attach Kosovo territory to Albania.

Margolis will never tell his readers that during the Second World War over 100,000 Serbs were liquidated by Albanian Nazis in Kosovo, more than 140,000 were ethnically cleansed. There is never any mention of the 20,000 S.S. Hanjar Muslim troops who put to death tens of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies. When the war ended, Tito forbade the thousands of ethnically cleansed Serbs from returning to Kosovo and gave their land to those Nazi Albanians who fought for his communist takeover of Yugoslavia.

The American media and our State Department did an ugly job of spin in 1999 distorting this history and brain washing the Americans that Albanians were “90% of Kosovo,” a hideous lie. More than 40% of those Albanians were never born in Yugoslavia or Kosovo and are illegal aliens who, over the past two decades, have crossed the border from Albania into Kosovo in the same manner that illegal Mexican aliens cross our borders each night in El Paso, Texas, Tucson Arizona and San Diego, California. Claiming that because the now cleansed 25% of the Serbian population and are now a forced majority that they have special rights should open the eyes of Americans who resist closing our borders to illegal aliens.

The likelihood of Albanian Kosovars gaining international recognition of Kosovo is both slim and none. It matters not that these ruthless Albanians were willing to destroy 513 ancient Serbian Orthodox Christian churches over the past 8 years, right under the noses of 17,000 NATO troops. They will find it difficult to erase a 1,000 years of Serbian history in Kosovo where over 1,500 Serbian churches and monasteries were built in an area the size of Rhode Island.

Moronic Albanians like Margolis try to convince their readers who think the world will stand by while they destroy a thousand Serbian churches are like-minded to the terrorists Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who has proclaimed they will destroy the Pyramids. Only religious fanatics stoop to this kind of racism and hatred.

Margolis has proven time and again that he will resort to any level to demonize the Serbs, to manipulate the facts, or worse, omit them, and one who supports the hideous lies that many of those churches in Kosovo were “Originally Albanian churches”—a fact that flies in the face of historical documentation. The overwhelming majority of Balkan scholars find this claim quite humorous. These Albanians are counting on dumbed down Americans to believe what they read by such unscrupulous journalists.

Here is an example of the depth to which Kosovar Albanians will stoop as the free world turned and looked the other way.

In the 1970s Albanologists spread rumors “they were on the verge of finding archeological evidence that the Albanians were direct descendants of Illyrians.” An illiterate leap of faith since the Illyrians disappeared centuries earlier, most of which were shepherds and nomads with little to no roots in any of the Balkan inland areas, especially Kosovo. Most of these Illyrians inhabited coastal regions.

Nevertheless, millions of dollars came pouring in from Tirana, Iran and Turkey. But there was no such evidence to be found. During the construction of the dam during the Fierza River project—which flooded parts of Metohija (the word means holy land in Serbian) the archeological remnants found in parts of flooded Vrbnica were considered a “great Albanian discovery.”

Kosovo Albanian “experts” proclaimed it a godsend that they had finally found their traces of an Illyrian settlement. The money came pouring in for additional research. Meanwhile, the discovery turned out to be the remnants of Slavic culture and suddenly all financial assistance was discontinued and the project was abandoned. Albanian scholars like Professor Ismajli at Pristina University did not feel that the Serbs deserve enlightenment of these discoveries and convinced Albanian authorities to bury the site and sink it in the newly formed lake. They gladly obliged!

Most appalling and revealing of the immorality of Albanians … during the 17 years of Tito’s proclaimed “autonomy” of Kosovo Albanians, 100% of all the leading positions on the Committee of Education, Science and Culture; the Teaching Council of Kosovo; The Institute for Education; the Federal Institute for Culture, the Kosovo Provincial Archives; the Institute of History; The Academy of Arts and Science at Pristina University and the Society of Authors were held by Albanians.

During this 17 year period, every Serbian judge, lawyer, teacher, scholar, policeman, and doctor was fired from his or her jobs. Kosovo became “ethnically pure.” Not one single Serbo-Croatian movie was made. Such a vile and cadre policy had a deeper level of aspiration … the elimination of the cultural, scientific and educational potential of the Serbian people.

We treated the black minority in America in this same shabby fashion, and we also know too well the consequences of such a racist policy. The very idea promoted by Margolis and his ilk that 170,000 Serbs could oppress 2.2 million Albanians is totally absurd considering that the Albanian police and the KLA terrorists had nearly total control over Kosovo.

During the oppressing years of anti-Serb racism over 100,000 Serbs fled Kosovo with an added policy of raping Serbian girls and Serbian nuns. Serbian books on history, music and literature were removed from Kosovo schools and libraries and millions of these books and priceless manuscripts were burned by Albanian authorities. The Serbian Bishop of Kosovo was beaten in the streets by a group of Albanian youths. He was 79 years old and spent 3 months in intensive care nearly dying of his wounds. He later became the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox church.

During the 1970s, the most prominent and significant Serbian authors’ works, such as those of Dobrica Cosic, former president of Yugoslavia and Jovan Ducic, were removed from the curricula at Pristina University. The same fate fell on Ivo Andric, the only Yugoslav Nobel prizewinner.

Margolis can run, he can even hide from this ugly Albanian mentality … however, the destruction of 513 ancient Serbian churches in the past 8 years in Kosovo reveals that the Albanians are, like their Egyptian counterparts … out to erase the history, culture and religion of their ethnic minorities. That should shock most Americans.

What a disgrace that any newspaper, magazine or website would give space to this Muslim hypocrite and bigot.

William Dorich is the author of 6 books on Balkan history including his 1992 book, Kosovo, a book used to raise $230,000 that was donated to IOCC (International Orthodox Christian Charities) to help more than 30,000 Serbian orphans as a result in these ugly Balkan Civil Wars.

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1 Vesna August 25, 2012 at 8:41 am

Unbelievable that such absurd people can be allowed to degrade the Serbian people, and how ridiculous that he is allowed a platform to do so.

2 William Dorich August 25, 2012 at 11:07 am

Write to the publisher, make your thoughts known. He will continue to appear on those pages if we do nothing.

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