Just Because Liberals Are Always Wrong Doesn’t Mean Conservatives Are Always Right!

by CzechRebel on July 18, 2012

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We posted an article last November – Why Modern Liberals Are 100% Wrong About Everything – and people keep reading it and commenting on it. It is as though the article has a life of its own. As one might expect, the natural thing is for liberals to write in and tell us either “conservatives are bad, too” or “conservatives are worse.”


Of course, the most common error people make is to equate the Nazis of the Third Reich with conservatism. We find that sort of reasoning to be laughable. Nazi means “National Socialist.” In other words, the Nazis called themselves socialists. So take their word for it already! If the label on the bottle says poison, that’s what’s inside! Similarly, by the socialists’ own definition, socialists are not conservative – they are all liberals. So, when someone claims that the Nazis were “conservative,” he might as well be wearing a sign reading “I am a moron!”

Our body politic is not one-dimensional!

Libertarian/Conservative/Communitarian/Liberal pie chart
The point should be made that the word “conservative” is not the exact opposite of the word “liberal.” There are other points of view, but the American media works hard to divide us into these two camps. Often, so-called “conservatives” and “liberals” do agree that certain issues represent problems that need to be addressed. The difference is that conservatives look to the individual, while liberals look to the government for their answers. That said, some people who reject the idea of looking to the government for answers cannot exactly be characterized as “conservatives.” Instead, we can truthfully call them “libertarians.”

Both libertarians and true conservatives have some merits, but there is another type of person who is not actually conservative, but who is often mistaken for being conservative. While they truly do oppose liberalism, they also look to the government for their answers, just as regular liberals do. This article in Reason magazine, Reason-Rupe Poll Finds 24 Percent of Americans are Economically Conservative and Socially Liberal, 28 Percent Liberal, 28 Percent Conservative, and 20 Percent Communitarian, proposes calling them “communitarians.” That taxonomy works for me.

So, given these new definitions, perhaps we should update our comment. While, modern liberals are 100% wrong all the time, communitarians are mostly wrong and should not call themselves “conservatives.” True conservatives and libertarians are right more often than they are wrong. Taking all of that into account, no one is 100% right! After all, we are only human.

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