Wearing a hijab is no better than wearing a SWASTIKA

by 1389 on July 15, 2012

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The hijab is the uniform of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

In other words, wearing the hijab is declaring one’s allegiance to a militant, expansionist jihadi organization whose goals include world domination and the annihilation of Jews. Where have we seen those goals before? Do the words never again mean anything at all?

Michael Coren: Keep footy hijab-free


Published on Jul 11, 2012 by SDAMatt2a

“It’s a political statement, and yet you get a yellow card as a soccer player if you show any political statement . . . but if you have a political statement with the muslim Brotherhood apparently you’re a hero.”
A nine-year-old Gatineau, Que., girl who refused to remove her headscarf was forced to stand on the sidelines Sunday as her team played — and won — the final match of a soccer tournament.

The order came just days after the International Football Association Board voted to lift its hijab ban based on the fact “there is no medical literature concerning injuries as a result of wearing a headscarf,” the organization stated on its website.

Rayane Benatti was told to take off her headscarf for safety reasons, but she refused.

“It made me feel very sad,” she said Monday. “I love soccer.”

Gatineau’s regional soccer association maintains it made the right decision. Until the international organization approves a design, colour and material for headscarves during matches, “scarves of all sorts” will remain banned, said Gatineau’s director of tournaments Marc St-Amour.

“It’s not because she was wearing a hijab — it’s because she was wearing a piece of equipment that is not recognized,” Mr. St-Amour said.

On July 5, the International Football Association Board “agreed to unanimously approve — temporarily during a trial period — the wearing of headscarves.” The organization will define the design, colour and material at a meeting in October.

“The piece of equipment needs to go through a process,” Mr. St-Amour said.

Due to protests, Rayane was allowed to play a game on Friday and another on Saturday morning but was refused participation in the following three games.

Despite her love of soccer, Rayane said she was glad she refused to remove her scarf — an item she has been wearing daily since October 2011.

“I decided to wear the headscarf out of love for Allah,” Rayane said. “Some people decide not to do it because they don’t have enough courage. I had the courage to do it.”

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