Token “conservative” George Will cuts the Obama Administration way too much slack

by 1389 on July 9, 2012

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George Will is no conservative

Blog admins 1389 and CzechRebel have never considered George Will to be a conservative at all. George Will appears on network television and in newspapers as their token conservative, to create the illusion of “fair and balanced” news reporting and commentary. Here at 1389 Blog, we have no use for “fair and balanced” reporting. Instead, we insist on the whole truth and nothing but. We don’t care about saving face, or who looks good or bad, or who is offended or not.

In the video, George Will correctly points out the decline in labor force participation, along with the fact that the economy is growing too slowly to accommodate the increase in population. What he does not point out is that this means that we are actually slipping backward. In other words: We are in a major depression and we will not emerge from it in the foreseeable future.

George Will makes the mistake of attributing this economic failure to “bad advice” on the part of Obama’s advisers. He implies that Obama and his administration were actually trying to do the right thing. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is abundantly clear that Barack Hussein Obama himself, along with the entire Obama Administration, have nothing but malice for the US and for everything that our Founders stood for. The same goes for those members of US Senate and House of Representatives who voted in favor of Obama’s policies – some of whom undoubtedly gained their positions fraudulently.

George Will Unemployment is Really 10.9%

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Here’s what keeps us up nights worrying…

Let’s face it: It’s the American voters who allowed these corrupt and malevolent thugs to get into office in the first place. We can pray that it will never happen again, but in this republic of republics that makes up these United States, we are always but one election away from tyranny.

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