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by 1389 on July 3, 2012

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Discovery Channel Curiosity: The Milgram Experiment

(Video at the above link.)

NYT: Touch of Evil: Eli Roth Recreates Infamous Experiment for Discovery Channel

The horror filmmaker Eli Roth’s gory “Hostel” helped to define a subgenre often referred to as torture porn. As an actor in the World War II revenge fantasy “Inglourious Basterds,” he played a vigilante soldier who beat Nazis to death with a baseball bat.

So when Mr. Roth says his latest project is “the most disturbing thing I’ve ever watched,” the words “basic cable” wouldn’t figure to enter the picture.

Nevertheless, his “How Evil Are You?” will have its premiere on Sunday on Discovery Channel. The special, an episode of the channel’s “Curiosity” series, aims to examine the nature of evil largely by recreating the infamous Milgram obedience experiment from 50 years ago.

That controversial study, designed by the Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram, was described to its participants as a learning exercise but actually tested the subjects’ susceptibility to social pressure. Most didn’t fare well — dozens of otherwise normal people electrocuted strangers simply because an authoritative overseer told them to do it. The “victims” were actually actors and the shocks weren’t real, but the results and footage from the study were chilling.

Spoiler alert: the modern version wasn’t any more encouraging, said Mr. Roth, who hosts the show. Of the 13 subjects recruited, only one refused to participate and most agreed to keep shocking their “partners” — actors in an adjacent room — until the test ended.

Much more here.

What the NYT article leaves out

After the first group of subjects mostly failed the test, filmmaker Roth added a new experiment. This time, the subject was accompanied by another subject (actually an actor) who showed willingness to challenge the authority figure who was running the experiment. That changed the outcome entirely; in the presence of this “guardian angel,” uncomfortable subjects felt able to do the right thing by stopping the experiment.

If we at 1389 Blog can challenge the official lies that are inculcated by the current leftist/eco-radical/pro-jihadi power elite, perhaps many others will find the strength to do the same.

That is one major reason why we blog.

By the way, even though we must remain anonymous for many reasons, we the admins of 1389 Blog present exactly the same message to those we meet in person as we do on the blog.

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