NATO-backed Muslim thugs viciously attack Kosovo Serbs during Vidovdan celebration

by 1389 on July 3, 2012

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For those who don’t know, the KPS are the direct successors of the infamous KLA/UCK (Albanian Muslim narcoterrorists). With the aid of the US, NATO, and the EU, the KLA/UCK overran Kosovo, destroyed nearly all of the churches, and robbed, drove out, or killed most of the Serbs. They still make life unbearable for the few Serbs who remain in Kosovo.

Vidovdan (June 28, old calendar) is the Krsna Slava (saint’s day) of Serbian Saint Tsar Lazar, hero of the Battle of Kosovo in 1389.

Serbs attacked with firebombs; “Cyrillic t-shirts” banned

June 28, 2012 | 20:15
GAZIMESTAN, PRIŠTINA — 16 Serb children were injured when Molotov cocktails were thrown at them as they were returning from the Vidovdan ceremonies in Gazimestan on Thursday.

Vidovdan in Gazimestan 2012
A man carries the Serbian flag surrounded by KPS members at Gazimestan on Thursday (Tanjug)

The attack happened in Priština. B92 has learned that two Serbs received serious injuries and were treated in the nearby enclave on Gračanica.

Gračanica Health Care Center Radmila Trajković told Tanjug that they treated 16 Serb children – between eight and 16 years of age – and that they were injured when their buses returning from Gazimestan came under attack.

The two boys who were hospitalized were “hit with concrete blocks on the head”, she said.

The attackers were described as “a group of (ethnic) Albanian youths”. Their target was a convoy of school buses leaving Gazimestan.

A total of four Molotov cocktails were thrown at the buses, along with blocks of concrete, Trajković explained.

The Kosovo police, KPS, are yet to make any statement regarding the attack.

Thousands of Serbs gathered at Gazimestan to mark one of the most significant and symbolic dates in the nation’s history – the 1389 Battle of Kosovo.

The KPS members searched them and confiscated their clothes, flags, and other insignia they were carrying.

RTRS reporter Siniša Mihailović said that he heard the KPS members say this was done because in Kosovo and Metohija, “it was prohibited to wear t-shirts with inscriptions in the Cyrillic script”, as well as “others’ coats-of-arms, or any word that reminiscent of Serbia”.

The reporter explained that the contentious t-shirts were worn by himself, Glas Srpske journalist Goran Manauga, and veterans of Banja Luka’s Vrbas football club, who two days ago delivered humanitarian aid to Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and took part in a football tournament.

Mihailović described the shirts as having the words “Banja Luka – Republika Srpska (Serb Republic)” written on the back, and the RS coat-of-arms and the message “Brothers, we are with you” on the front.

On Thursday afternoon, the KPS officially announced that the t-shirts were confiscated because they “incited ethnic hatred” – which was “contrary to valid legal regulation”.

Among those who gathered at Gazimestan were members of some right-wing organizations who at the end of the services chanted slogans supportive of war crimes suspects Ratko Mladić and Radovan Karadžić, which prompted Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Irinej to intervene and “calm them down”, media reports said.

More separate incidents and injuries were reported today from the administrative line between Kosovo and central Serbia.

Earlier in the day, reports said that “hundreds of Serbs were arriving at Gazimestan where a central celebration of Vidovdan (St. Vitus Day) is being held”.

Kosovo police, KPS, were searching the Serbs and confiscating all items with national and religious markings aside from Serbian flags.

According to Beta news agency, some members of the KPS were “rough and they are even confiscating šajkačas, Serbian traditional hats, from the citizens”.

The Kosovo police also seized t-shirts with political slogans, leaving numerous participants shirtless. Some citizens have protested against the Kosovo police’s actions but there are no incidents.

According to reprorts, “special units” searched all Serbs who came from Gračanica to Gazimestan and seized items with national and religious markings, including t-shirts with disputable writings.

The police threw the seized items into a ditch near the Priština-Kosovska Mitrovica Road.

Some Kosovo policemen even seized the Serbian flags and a flag of the Democratic Party (DS).

There are large numbers of police officers along the Priština-Kosovska Mitrovica Road.

The central manifestation started at 13:00 CET. Liturgy for the fallen soldiers of the medieval Serbian Kingdom who died in the Battle for Kosovo in 1389 was held, as is the case each year.

Serbian Patriarch Irinej previously also served holy liturgy in the Gračanica monastery.

St. Vitus Day is celebrated by the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) and the Serbian people in memory of the soldiers of the medieval Serbian Kingdom who fell in defense of their land and Christianity, faced with the Ottoman Turk invasion in the Battle for Kosovo in 1389.

St. Vitus Day in Gazimestan - file photo from prior year
From an earlier St. Vitus Day celebration in Gazimestan (file)

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1 jj July 4, 2012 at 5:18 pm

Also going around blogs today is a report on why Mladic’s trial was stopped: because evidence/documentation points to NATO intelligence sources organizing the slaughters – both of Serbian civilians through the Bosniak commanders and of Muslims by the “Scorpions”:

BELGRADE – A French major, serving with their intelligence services, fled to Belarus with the evidence that war crimes committed in Srebrenica in 1995. The documents he presented shows that the “genocide” blamed on Serbians was organized by the American, British and French secret intelligence service, and carried out by a paramilitary group known as the “Scorpions” in order for the alleged genocide have accused the military and civilian officials of the Republic of Serbian (RS) – learned “Pravda.”

According to our source, the major French military intelligence DRM has evidence that the wartime commander of the VRS Main Staff, Ratko Mladic was not aware of these activities. From the document, which is the possession of Belarus, the French officer requested and received political asylum on the June 29, 2012 in Minsk.

The documents clearly show that Naser Oric and all the commanders of the Army of Bosnia/Herzegovina (Muslim) in this part of eastern Bosnia were under constant control of the western intelligence services. Oric was the Bosnian Muslim commander in Srebrenica and was convicted by the ICC of war crimes against Serbs but found “not guilty” of broader crimes of ethnic cleansing.

Thus the “danse of death” begins, the Muslim commander in Bosnia working for western intelligence agencies, killing Serbian civilians, convicted of such by the ICC. We all knew this but there is something far more important none of us knew, the real reason the Court at The Hague disbanded in “mid-trial” back in May.

“Paper’s submitted by the French Major (name withheld) substantiate that Oric had received 70 “operational directives” to act against Serbian civilians issued by French intelligence services, in particular, the DRM.

Dutch “peacekeeper” battalions stationed in Srebrenica, was warned in advance by the French not to interfere. Copies of these documents are held in Minsk also.

Soon thereafter, Serbian “Scorpion” groups descended on Srebrenica, not answerable nor under the control of Serbia or Ratco but paramilitary groups recruited, trained and paid by the CIA, MI6 and the French DRM.

Thousands were killed by these groups on orders from the western powers who submitted reports blaming the Serbian government, Ratco and blaming the Dutch peacekeepers who had actually been ordered to stand aside by NATO.”
Offer of testimony at the ICC

The French intelligence officer, identified only as “Major TD” has agreed to come to the Hague and testify to CIA, MI6 and French involvement in the planning and execution of the genocide at Srebrenica.

He is said to possess a full list of all “Scorpions” that were recruited and written statements of Scorpion unit commanders and others as to how they were recruited, paid and what commands they received from NATO. Records now held in Belarus cover direct commands that led to the killing of 4500 Bosnian Muslims.

These are now available to the court, should the trial continue, documents that would lead to the indictment of dozens of top NATO commanders, Dutch peacekeepers and the questioning of western diplomatic personnel and political leaders, questioning that could lead to a new round of war crime indictments.

2 1389 July 4, 2012 at 8:14 pm

I think the article originally appeared HERE. I have no personal knowledge of the authors, nor of the documents that they mention. I am waiting for more information to appear before blogging on this.

One issue that concerns me are all the Muslim troops supposedly killed at Srebrenica that later appeared in other military units and on voter rolls in their home towns. Serbs are blamed for murders that either they did not commit, or that did not happen at all.

Seems like paid thugs (who probably were not even Serbs) were told to put on Serb paramilitary insignia, and to kill some random victims in order to give the Serbs a bad name. The random dead victims may even be Serbs themselves, but the press will label them as Muslims, which is tantamount to remurdering the dead.

3 Robert July 14, 2012 at 10:01 am

Why have they resumed the trial without reference to these withheld documents? This is exculpatory evidence and the tables should be turned to indict Nato, the UN, the Western intelligence, and the CC itself for complicity.

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