Environmental pressure groups caused the wildfires in the western US

by 1389 on July 3, 2012

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PJ Media: Incinerating America’s West

As I write these lines, vast wildfires are sweeping through my home state of Colorado and other areas of the American west. Last week, two of my employees had to leave work early to rush home to evacuate their families from imminent danger. Hundreds of houses have already been destroyed, and thousands of acres of trees incinerated, and unknown myriads of wild animals burned alive.

This disaster was predictable, and promises to get worse. Over the past decade, from British Columbia to New Mexico, the world’s most rapid deforestation has been underway in the North American west, with an average of nearly six million acres of forest lost per year — roughly double the three million acres per year rate in Brazil. The culprits here, however, have not been humans, but Western Pine Beetles, whose epidemic spread has turned over 60 million acres of formerly evergreen pine forests into dead red tinder, dry ammunition awaiting any spark to flare into catastrophe.

Yet while the global green movement has made a cause célèbre of the Amazon rain forest, they have done nothing to oppose those destroying our woods. Quite the contrary, they have been doing everything in their power to assist the wreckers. Indeed, over the past decade they have launched over a thousand lawsuits to block every attempt by the National Forest Service or others to take necessary counter measures.

Read all about it here. It’s extremely important.

Yes, this is about the counterjihad

Allowing our forests to become tinderboxes makes them targets for terrorist attack. See our recent article: al-Qaeda ‘Inspire Magazine’ Gives Instructions for Starting Massive Forest Fires Across the US, As We Warned in 2007-8! This is yet another example of the red-green-green axis, whereby leftist politicians collaborate with eco-freaks to further the agenda of Islamic expansionism.

Eco-freaks are evil. We must oppose them at every turn.

Some things you can do to reduce fire risk:

Also see:

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