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by 1389 on June 5, 2012

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Kosovo – Pristina doesn’t really want negotiations on the north

By Gerard M. Gallucci

The May 17 arrest of a young Serb employee of UNMIK’s north Mitrovica office removes any good reason for resisting the judgement that the Kosovo Albanians have no intention of accepting a negotiated outcome for the region north of the Ibar River. They do not want negotiations on the north, they just want the north. So, to head off any possibility of having to accept compromise, they will provoke the Serbs there into refusing to deal with them.

The young man arrested frequently travelled to visit family in the mixed north Mitrovica village of Suvi Do. To get there, he’d have to pass through an Albanian area. At that point, he would also have to pass by a unit of the so-called “regional” Kosovo police that EULEX allows free reign in this sensitive area. His routines were known. He could have been stopped at any time, as any of the Serbs living there can be. The decision to arrest him at this point on “suspicion” that he was involved in a demonstration in April to prevent the Kosovo Albanian police from setting up another provocative checkpoint – where there had just been a deadly explosion – was clearly political. (EULEX has still not managed to release any information on who might have been responsible for the explosion.) Many, many Serbs turned out for this. The targeting of a local UNMIK employee also allowed Pristina to take another shot at the UN office in north Mitrovica.

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Enough already!

Waving flag of Serbia

Kosovo – all of it! – is the cradle of Serbia. It is sacred ground to all Orthodox Christian Serbs. It can never belong to anyone but the Serbs. The very idea of giving up any part of Kosovo to our Muslim enemies is anathema.

And that’s that.

It is treason for any non-Muslim nation or people to contemplate giving up one single square inch of native soil to any Islamic power. Once the ummah gets its hands on anything, they consider themselves to have a permanent claim upon it. Islam is an evil, expansionist, enemy, totalitarian political ideology that seeks to rid the world of everything but itself.

The Islamic world has no valid claim on ANYTHING.

I felt inspired to post the following manifesto as a comment:

  • I claim that the Serbian people (among whom I number myself, though I was born among the Serb Diaspora) have a right to exist.
  • I claim that we have the right to call ourselves Serbs without fear or shame, just as any other nation or people has the right to do.
  • I claim that we have the right to practice the Orthodox Christian faith, and the right – nay, the OBLIGATION – to respect and protect the holy places of our ancestors.
  • I claim that we have the right, and in fact the duty, to unite all historically Serbian lands under a Serb confederation, whether anybody else likes it or not!
  • I claim that we have the DUTY to reject all Islamic, leftist, and other heretical outside forces that seek to destroy our people.

If that makes me a radical Serb nationalist, then that is what I am and what I always will be!

Chetnik Flag

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1 Holger Danske June 9, 2012 at 8:18 pm

Good for you. I always thought the Serbs got ripped by Clinton’s grand idea. Too bad he got involved for all in your area, and now that Islam has a nice strong beachhead in central Europe, it looks like it curtains for non-Muslims.
Good Luck in the future amigo.

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