Exposing the Vicious Serb-bashing at Tablet Magazine

by 1389 on May 30, 2012

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The Serb-bashing never seems to end!

Check out Rudy Giuliani’s New Low: ‘America’s Mayor,’ who once called for U.S. intervention in Kosovo, is now consulting for Serbian nationalists. This screed is so disgusting that I cannot bring myself to post any excerpts of it on this blog. Go there and see it for yourself, and post your own thoughts in the comments!

This article appears in Tablet, a magazine which bills itself as A New Read on Jewish Life™. It turns history on its head to portray the newly-elected Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and his Serbian Progressive Party as somehow being the successors of the Nazis, and condemns former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani and his company in vituperative terms for having assisted with their election campaign.

There’s definitely a double standard here. Any prominent American who has any contact with Serbia or the Serbian people – other than to make war upon them or to pressure them to concede even more – risks being pilloried in the press as a monster. By contrast, traveling to Muslim countries (make no mistake, all Muslim countries are our enemies), making business deals with their governments, providing them with consulting services, shilling for them in the US, and in other ways providing them with aid and comfort – that gets a free pass in the press.

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Julia Gorin is a Jewish blogger who has done a far better job of presenting the case for the Serbian people than I ever could – and I’m a Serbian-American myself.

See: http://www.juliagorin.com/wordpress

Neither James Kirchick nor anybody else should be writing on the topic of Serbia without having made a thorough study of the evidence for the Serbian side that, until very recently, has been thoroughly muzzled in the western media. That evidence is in Julia’s blog.

Alyse Radenovic

1389 is right,
Just read Julia Gorin and click around on the links
and read 1389, too!
…also read Andy Wilcoxson
and all the authors at The Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies http://www.balkanstudies.org/
and all the authors at Serbianna

J.P. Maher

“Omarska” and “Srebrenica” are on a par with “Jenin” and ” The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”… “The Jews,”, you know, had a plot to annihilate the gentiles. Errors in English, dozens of them, reveal that Roy Gutman’s “Witness to Genocide” was penned by a hand other than American. Kitschik and Travizson should check the files; no mention of a “massacre of 7-8k Muslim men and boys in mid-July 1995 at Srebrenica” existed until months after the purported event. The hoax hadn’t yet been concocted even at the end of October 1995, when State Dept “ambassador” Nicholas Burns in official briefings answered questions about “Srebrenica”: “hundreds of Muslim and Croatian [sic] men and boys, maybe even a thousand, are missing. We don’t know what happened.” You’ll find this published by Federal News Service.


The author needs first to get his facts straight (there has never been ethnic cleansing in Kosovo & Methohija by Serbs – ALL CLEANSING HAS BEEN DONE BY ALBANIANS TO RID K&M OF AS MANY SERBS AS POSSIBLE). This is why the Albanians are destroying as much evidence as possible that Serbs even inhabited the area.

Secondly, defending Serbian sovereignty is not only the duty of all Serbian Presidential candidates, it is their obligation in the constitution and therefore means that they must defend all Serbian soil, which K&M is a part of as per the only governing document agreed to by all world bodies – UN Resolution 1244 – which expressly says that K&M continues to be part of Serbia.

Thirdly, Mayor Guiliani, like many politicians at that time, were swept away with what turned out to be the false reporting of newspapers and TV who, like you, did not check your facts before reporting. This along with the Bosnian conflict were two of the most lazy and error-laden cases of reporting in modern history, only bested by the complete lack of reporting for years of the existance of extermination camps for Jews, Serbs, Roma and others during WW II. Does the author know that an estimated 750,000 Serbs were exterminated by Croats and Bosnian/Albanian Muslims during WW II and that Serbia suffered 1,000,000 casualties during WW I (losing 50% of all males to that conflict)? Before talking about post- WW II Holocausts and ethnic cleansing and such and putting pen to paper, stop being lazy – do your research and report FACTS, not OPINION.

So why does James Kirchick hate the Serbs?

The author of this screed is James Kirchick, whose bio says only that he is a contributing editor at Tablet, The New Republic and World Affairs. The New Republic is just another hard-left rag that caters to the pseudo-intellectual set. Wikipedia also states that Kirchick writes for gay/lesbian publications and has received the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Excellence in Student Journalism Award and Journalist of the Year Award. He has written for the gay activist publication Advocate.

Our friend at Serb Blog writes:

…it’s worthwhile to check out the author — James Kirchick — same guy who came up with “Ron Paul’s (supposedly) racist newsletters”. Kirchick also a gay activist and hates that Serbia doesn’t willingly endorse International Gay Day parades in the middle of Belgrade — the last parade had some Euro moron carrying a sign that said “Death to the (Serbian) State”.

Indeed, there is intense public opposition to gay pride parades in Serbia. Gays are safe in Serbia, they are not persecuted, but gay activists don’t get to impose their left-wing LGBT agenda on an Orthodox Christian country. In other words, gay activists don’t get to turn Belgrade into San Francisco or the Weimar Republic. But because Serbian standards of public decorum offend a mindset that brooks no opposition, Kirchick has seized upon this opportunity to dump his hatred on the Serbian government and people.

Here is another double standard: While Kirchick demonizes the Serbs, he ignores the fact that homosexual activity is a capital offense under shari’a law.

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