Diana West nicely “unveils” a moderate veil of a Muslim

by Hesperado on May 27, 2012

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by Hesperado

In her latest essay, Covering up Islam, Diana West begins by finding an apparently moderate Muslim — the seemingly Westernized blonde in the photo above — in a story about Egypt and how a TV news station there has Muslimas in full black burkas deliver the news.

The blonde is an Egyptian actress, Athar Al Hakim, who claims to be opposed to this burka-clad news station. However, following her instincts, Diana West digs deeper, scraping off Hakim’s Western makeup to see if it’s all just skin deep.

Unsurprisingly, she finds in this blonde Mohammedan an extremist — that is to say, a normal mainstream Muslim.

Our problem in the West is that too many people just take these nice, friendly, seemingly modernized Muslims at face value and don’t think of probing beyond the surface.

Based on this snap judgement, they then make the sweeping assumption that most Muslims are just decent people like the rest of us.

I mean, it just has to be the case, right? I mean, upwards of one billion people spread out in nearly every country across the globe can’t possibly be following, or enabling, a dangerous ideology of supremacist expansionism based upon their hatred of our ways.


At the end of her article, Diana West tries to make sense of a Muslima who would look and act so flagrantly Westernized with her blonde razor-cut highlights and fuchsia lip gloss and — horror of horrors — uncovered face, and yet espouse so many extremist views (such as her support for the current Muslim Brotherhood candidate for President of Egypt).

West concludes that Hakim’s style of jihad is “window dressing”. I would add: distracting window dressing, to continue seducing Westerners into believing there is viable “diversity” among Muslims, where “not all Muslims are extremist Salafis, you know”.

And this window dressing works for most dupes in the West, who don’t look beyond what’s only skin deep. Sometimes the best veil is an uncovered, lipstuck face, with Western bangs casually, fashionably brushed.

I.e. — hiding in plain sight.

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1 Sam May 27, 2012 at 8:11 pm

So true that it could bring the down fall of the USA. Fox in sheep clothing.

2 philipzhao May 27, 2012 at 8:45 pm

You can have a facelift but not a faithlift !

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