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by 1389 on May 26, 2012

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Jeffrey T. Kuhner, the “Sour Croat” of Washington Times, is at it again.

Nazi sympathizer Jeffrey T. Kuhner
Jeffrey T. Kuhner

His latest piece of egregious Serb-bashing is Did Serbia vote for war?

As usual, Kuhner gets it all wrong. Arguably, Tomislav Nikolić is just as much a sellout to the EU as were his Quisling predecessors.

This comment by NikolaP is in response to that article:

LOL, where to begin..

Kuhner I don’t know how familiar you are with this area or not but this was just a terrible piece of work for you. First of all, it is not “Drazen” Mihajlovic, his name was Dragoljub “Draza” Mihajlovic. Second of all, he never met with Moussalini (wtf?), he also has a bounty on his head by Nazi Germany for 100,000 German Marks. In fact, Nazi Germany’s policy at the time of WW II was for every one German wounded, 50 Serbs would be killed and for every one German killed, 100 Serbs would be killed. Second of all, Draza Mihajlovic and these alleged murderous Serbian Chetniks you speak of were responsible for rescuing 500 American soldiers at the time of the war in Nazi occupied Yugoslavia. Look up Operation Halyard as well as the book ‘The Forgotten 500″. The Chetnik’s were Europe’s first guerrilla group that took up arms against the Nazi’s while Croats, Bosniaks and Albanians gladly took up arms to fight for the wrong side, the Nazis.

As far as your other ridiculousness, Serbs in fact did not vote for war. Again, I am wondering if you know anything about the situation in Serbia or the Balkans at all. You see Boris Tadic and his DS have corrupted Serbia since 2000 to the point where most people do not even have a sense of hopefulness and optimism. Unemployment continues to sore, the Dinar continues to drop making things more expensive so people have had enough of Boris Tadic and his DS. This to not even account for the fact that 40% of the population did not even bother casting a vote because they are for the most part disillusioned. I am no fan of Nikolic because for the most part he is a sell out just as Tadic is, but anything is better than what we have had for the past 10+ years.

Again with these age old, tired claims of ‘ethnically cleansing’ territories in Bosnia and Croatia. Newsflash, Serbs lived in what communist Yugoslavia decided was Bosnia and Croatia as long as Bosnians and Croatians themselves. The amount of land that the republic of Serbia had in Yugoslavia was not proportioned to its population size and therefore the Serbs of those 2 new countries did not want to live in a neo nazi Ustasa Croatia and a Ottoman Bosnia.

I think you know all this. I just think you would like to demonize Serbs so you can continue to justify your government’s illegal act of bombing my country for 78 days. Well that is okay Kuhner, God will surely judge you for this. Although perhaps you seriously do not know the hateful Serbophobic trash you are spewing. Perhaps you were led to believe this way is the right way.

No, Nikolic’s victory wasn’t a call for war. Uncomfortably for you there are other options in Serbia and we don’t need to be under a Boris Tadic dictatorship in order to not want war.

I will say this though, you simply can’t steal from the largest ethnic group in the region and expect to get away with it and for there to be a lasting peace. Kosovo * was stolen from Serbia and as soon as the West leaves, Serbia will take its rightful borders back. Republika Srpska is going to unify with Serbia proper and the people of Montenegro (currently under a mafia state as your own media have recently stated) will vote to re-unite with Serbia as well.

So that these neo nazi era pre 1945 borders can be wiped away for good. But Nazi sympathizers like yourself would cringe for the day Serbs are united again.

Zivela Srbija

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1 Mafit December 29, 2012 at 6:57 am

Editor’s note: It seems that the trolls are competing to see who can post the most ridiculous nonsense on 1389 blog. They just hit the comment button without doing any research on the topic and expect us to post their drivel. We do, but with our comments in italics.
– CzechRebel, blog admin

This is a joke. How many of you people have aclaulty known or talked to any eyewitnesses of Serb atrocities during the Third Balkan War?

None, as there were no “Serb atrocities” during the 1990s conflicts. It was a war, there were causalities and during the wars combatants do nasty things. The Balkans are no different than any place else. However, the Serbs were remarkably innocent in both relative and absolute terms. US troops are regularly accused of having committed some of those so-called “atrocities” during World War II.

Have we have interviewed hundreds of eyewitnesses to the 1990s Balkan conflict? Heck, when you consider all the people that William Dorich, Sparta, James George Jatras, 1389, and I have corresponded with and/or interviewed, it may be in the thousands. We don’t care what the media reported from its third- and fourth-hand sources. The things that you allege simply did not happen.

The Previous comments from Anonymous that the 90’s were “payback time” is sickening.

We are having a hard time finding “Previous comments from Anonymous.” Since you are the first to comment on this article your logic is a little hard to follow.

It sounds to me like you are transfering a legitimate issue of Islamic madness i.e. the Arab/Palestinian vs. Israeli conflict to the issue in the Balkans.

Now you are saying that Muslims are insane in the Middle East, but gain sanity when they are in the Balkans? You do know that much of the Islamic forces in the 1990s Balkan conflict was imported from the Middle East. Prior to the 9-11 attack, Osama bin Laden even traveled on a Bosnian Muslim passport given to him by Alija Izetbegovic. No, we have focused on this part of the world since the 1990s. Some of us have been following it much longer. We simply are unimpressed with trolls who, like you, spout off random angry nonsense.

Just because they both involve Muslims does not make a one to one correspondence.

We see that you are as bad in math as you are in understanding the various conflicts on the world stage. “One to one correspondence” is a mathematical term of art. For those who are interested, it is explained here. While I am not a professional mathematician, I think I am safe in saying that it just doesn’t make any sense here.

The fact known by Croats, Slovenians, and Bosnians is that the Serbs have a long history of Butchery.

If by “fact” you mean “lie” you might be on to something. However, the Serbs have no history of “butchery.” The Serbs do have a long history of repelling invaders and overlords. One common slogan is “Serbia, the land where empires die. Sometimes, the empire’s demise took awhile; sometimes it was more rapid; but look at what the following empires have in common: the Ottoman Turks, the Habsburgs, the Nazis. They all messed with little tiny Serbia and they are all gone.

It would benefit you all to know someone from the refugee camps that lost all their possessions and had children tortured in captivity.

Oh gee, 1389 lost the entire European branch of her Serbian family to Nazis. William Dorich lost many relatives to various Balkan conflicts. The victims in the Balkans are mostly Serbs, so get over it!

The Serbs are just continuing the long tradition of slaughter by Tito and the Russian regime.

Do you even know who Tito was? He was the man who said that a strong Yugoslavia requires a weak Serbia, and that a strong Serbia would mean a weak Yugoslavia. He was the man who jailed many Serbs for merely admitting that they were Serbs, instead of referring to themselves as “Yugoslavs.” He was no friend of the Serbs. We have no idea what “Russian regime” you might be referring to. Is it Catherine the Great? Is it Vladimir Putin? Maybe it is the original King Vladamir who brought Christianity to Russia? What “Russian regime” do you have in mind?

You concerned about Jews? Think about the Jews that were robbed of their possessions and rounded up by Tito and thrown into the deep wells in Northern Croatia.

Gee, we have been writing about this for years. We know about the bad things that Tito did to the Serbs and the Jews. But, what does Tito–one of history’s great Serb-haters – have to do with your point? If you hate Serbs, you should love Tito. It is that simple!

This was known but not spoken of for years by the Older Croatian generation.

Some Croats are Serb-haters. Some Croats like their Serbian neighbors. The big difference is that Croatians tend to be Roman Catholics. Serbs are either observant Eastern Orthodox Christians or, at least, think of the Serbian Orthodox Church as a rallying point for their people. The Serbs and Croats share a common language and have a long history.

The Serbs are filling up the sins of their forefathers.

We Orthodox Christians are taught to focus on our own sins. It might be wise advice for a man full of the hatred that obviously fills you. These events in the Balkans are obviously way over your head. Maybe you could find a nice blog about Barney the purple dinosaur and go post your comments there.

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