“green-on-blue” is the new black

by Hesperado on May 22, 2012

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the new black

by Hesperado

Even the mainstream media isn’t buying our military’s COIN.

A few days ago, I posted here an article about columnist Diana West’s “grim toll” of 69 — that’s 69 of our men and women murdered by Afghani Muslim military and police personnel who are supposed to be on our side.

And as that article noted, these “green-on-blue” killing attacks are accelerating in rate and number.

Now we learn, from a recent mainstream media report, that it’s even worse than that: In addition to all those men and women in Afghanistan, Americans and our Allies, successfully murdered, it turns out there have been innumerable attempts to try to murder more — which, luckily, have been interdicted.

How many more attempts?

According to the report, more than 160 “individuals” (i.e., Muslims supposed to be on our side in our Afghanistan Fiasco) have been thwarted at various times in various places in the last few months while planning to murder our men and women.

Again, this is in addition to the successful murders of 69 thus far, in many different attacks over the months.

Remember: Intent to mass-murder is just as dangerous successful attacks. Every one of those “individuals” could have murdered many of our men and women, not just one for one. I.e., in terms of murderous intent, the numbers of victims at the hands of our own Afghani “allies” — you know, the Muslims we are spending billions and our own blood to help — could have been in the several hundreds, if not thousands.

But trust our silver-haired Generals to see the silver lining in everything. This was touted by the U.S. top commander General John Allen as “good news”. The mainstream news report I linked rightly questioned this glib optimism by our top commander, noting that the numbers “might be read as more alarming than reassuring”.

And, according to the report, General Allen cited “an eight-step vetting process” to screen new members of the Afghan armed forces.

How much you wanna bet not one of these eight steps actually factor in the Islamic motivations for these attacks?

Operation P.O.F. (Palm On Forehead)…

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1 Arius May 22, 2012 at 10:56 am

Muslims and Islam cannot be reformed and are completely incompatible with Western civilization. COIN is madness; trying to civilize Muslims is madness; supporting Islamists taking control in Egypt, Libya, and (shortly) Syria is madness. The West looks like morons in a death march.

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