Diana West’s “grim toll” — “green on blue” attacks

by Hesperado on May 14, 2012

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grim toll

by Hesperado

As of April 26, last month, Diana West posted an article counting 67 dead since November of 2009.

That’s 67 of our men and women (whether Americans or from our Allies) murdered by Afghani soldiers or police or military personnel supposed to be working with us on our side.

And I’m not sure this horrible tally includes that most egregious incident back in 2010 where a trusted Muslim confidante (a “Jordanian physician”!) had fooled a whole team of CIA operatives into letting him into a compound in Afghanistan without being sufficiently searched — and he exploded and took seven of our men and women down with him.

Now we see, yet again — “two British servicemen murdered by members of the Afghan national police force”. And, in that same story, we learn that these “green-on-blue” killings are escalating, now averaging one a week this year.

This brings the tally of Diana West’s “grim toll” at least up to 69 — although there may be good reason to believe this is a generously low figure (see Diana West’s article on this).

So what does the UK Defense Secretary Philip Hammond have to say about this?

He insisted that such attacks are “rare”.

“British forces work alongside Afghan forces every day with thousands of contacts with them every day,” he said.

“This is a country that has an insurgency going on in it and, sadly, occasionally, these events occur.”

Well, of course, not every Afghani on our side is undergoing Islamic combustion and shooting Infidels like a maniac. The rational question is not “are all Muslims doing this?” — usually meant as a dismissively rhetorical question in order to defend our continual naivety with regard to trusting Muslims — but rather should be, “How many Muslims are doing this, and is this number and rate simply too high for us to tolerate anymore?”

Secretary Hammond, like most in the West, has an irrationally high threshold set for tolerating outrageously deadly behaviors from Muslims.

And it’s literally killing us.

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