Boycott Islam: Best Buy, supporter of CAIR and Hamas, owns Canadian electronics retailer Future Shop

by 1389 on April 27, 2012

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Whenever possible, non-Muslims should avoid buying anything from Muslim-owned firms. That includes not buying the firms themselves!

Bare Naked Islam: What does Canadian electronics retailer Future Shop have to do with the Best Buy-CAIR funding controversy?

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Perhaps there’s more ‘Islam’ than meets the eye in Best Buy’s recent decision to become a Platinum Supporter of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated, Hamas-linked CAIR? Not to mention its refusal to address angry customer complaints about it.

Best Buy vs. Future Shop
Several BNI readers reported that the electronics retailer Future Shop of Canada, which was acquired by Best Buy in 2001, was originally Iranian Muslim-owned. A quick check reveals:

Future Shop Ltd. is Canada’s largest retailer of consumer electronics, with more than 100 superstores selling computers, televisions, home audio equipment, home office equipment, major appliances, and cellular phones. In 2001 the company was purchased by American retailer Best Buy, which has maintained the Future Shop brand with great success.
Future Shop was founded in 1982 by Iranian entrepreneur Hassan Khosrowshahi, who left Iran to settle in Vancouver. Khosrowshahi, who had graduated from the University of Tehran with a degree in law and economics, was a member of the family that owned the Minoo Industrial Group, a large Iranian manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products. Described by industry observers as “driven,” Khosrowshahi recognized the potential of consumer electronics and set out to create a chain that would dominate the Canadian market. His longtime associate Mohammad Kiabakhsh took on the role of president and CEO of the company, while Khosrowshahi himself served as chairman.

This CAIR-funding controversy certainly will not bode well for the already faltering Best Buy.

Best Buy not such a best buy


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