You have no idea how angry I am about the media lynching of George Zimmerman.

by 1389 on April 11, 2012

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No idea at all.

I hope Zimmerman and his entire family are in South America.

[Update at 11:03 PM on April 11: Sad to say, they are not. See links below.]

They’ll have more freedom there than they ever could have had in what was once the “land of opportunity” – even if he did not have the misfortune of meeting the execrable ghetto thug.

I know that this is the season of forgiveness, but I am having an extremely hard time forgiving ghetto parents (who are parents in the genetic sense only) for raising (or rather, failing to raise) generation after generation of evil ghetto thugs to prey on the rest of us.

I won’t even use the typical racialist excuse of the IQ bell curve to let ghetto “parents” off the hook. These people are just plain evil for letting – and often encouraging – their children to grow up into these monsters, and then trying to cash in on it when one of them meets his long-overdue and eminently well deserved death.

I’m just angry that Trayvon didn’t meet his inevitable early death some other way, before he had a chance to destroy Zimmerman.

And furthermore…

MacDuff wrote:

@ doriangrey:
On the positive side, this whole affair has been so blatantly egregious that it may be the press’ Waterloo.

I hope you’re right, but I doubt it. They’ve been proven wrong so many times that nobody cares any more. It’s the black lynch mob that rules the day; this has been true since the riots of the 1960s. The Florida DA knows that Zimmerman is innocent, but she is too cowardly to say so, because she’s afraid of violent reprisals.

Shades of Pontius Pilate.

This doesn’t make me ashamed to be an American, it makes me ashamed to be a human being. I’m serious about that.

And what about the VICTIMS of these everpresent “sons of Obama”?

The motives:

It’s not only about promoting the anti-white (or rather, black supremacist) agenda, it’s also about Obama’s gun control agenda. The two are dovetailed together.

He can’t take away our guns, but he can make us too afraid to use them. He wants non-blacks to be so afraid of the legal and political consequences of defending themselves when attacked by a black that we won’t think it’s worth it. The logic is that, because our lives will be completely ruined if we defend ourselves, we might as well just give up and die.

Where this is going…

I am not advocating this, only predicting, but unless things change an awful lot, we’ll be seeing a full-on, multi-sided racial/ideological civil war that will end in a permanent system of apartheid at best, and nuclear destruction at worst.

The jihadis (homegrown and immigrant) will not hesitate to use nukes, and many liberals and minorities will side with them.

I hope by then I am either dead or 5000 miles away (at least).

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