Michael Coren and Peter Brimelow on immigration, Islam, Andrew Breitbart, and Rush Limbaugh

by 1389 on March 6, 2012

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Canada enjoys far more free speech in the media world than we do in the US. There is no US equivalent of Sun News. The only way I can watch Sun News is via clips on YouTube uploaded by our Canadian friends. Let me express my gratitude to sdamatt2a, Blazing Cat Fur, and others who do this work as a form of modern-day video samizdat.

Michael Coren with Peter Brimelow (VDare) – immigration


Uploaded by SDAMatt2a on Mar 5, 2012

Peter Brimelow, founder of VDare, joins Michael Coren to discuss issues surrounding immigration and to say some words about the passing of Andrew Breitbart.

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