Zilla of the Resistance Has Moved to marezilla.com

by 1389 on February 5, 2012

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From Zilla:

You know how you’ve suggested that I get off Blogger and go to my own server? Well I have owned my domain for a very long time and only just yesterday learned that it comes with a server too! So I have a New and Improved Zilla of the Resistance blog at http://marezilla.com – where I will not be at the mercy of Google if they ever get complaints about me. 🙂

I am still tinkering with it, and have been for going on 2 solid days now, but it is up and running if you want to stop by! I’ll be leaving the old blog up because I could not import everything and would like to keep access available to my archives, but the new place is the place to be now.

Zilla of the Resistance at MareZilla.com

 – Mare (Zilla)

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