The Great Islamic Climate Change Jihad

by Gramfan on February 5, 2012

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ACT for Australia has the story:

Map of Maldives
Maldives Location Map

Australians are becoming increasingly aware that many Muslims refugees:

So when growing public anger forces our government to restrict Islamic immigration, Islamic countries will have to think of new strategies to gain entry. It won’t be easy, as evidence of the repressive nature of Islamic countries is continually being exposed.

The Barnabas Fund reports:

  • The media is banned from producing or broadcasting any programme “that humiliates Allah or his prophets or the holy Quran”.
  • Foreign workers and tourists can practise their faith only in private. It is also illegal to carry or display in public books on religions other than Islam.
  • In October 2011 a Christian teacher from India working in a school on Raa Atoll was imprisoned for transferring Christian songs on to a school laptop and keeping a Bible in his home.

In 2010, it was reported that legislation was planned to ban all non-Muslim places of worship in the Maldives:

  • … the bill would make it illegal to build non-Muslim places of worship or to practise non-Muslim faiths in public… Punishment would be a jail term of three to five years or a fine of between US$2,800 and US$4,700.
  • … Muttalib, MP… said that the purpose of the legislation was to maintain Islamic principles and to prevent the spread of non-Muslim faiths. He mentioned too the phenomenon of “wedding tourism” , which would “indirectly set up churches in this country”.
  • Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed… commented that non-Muslim places of worship are necessary only in countries where there is religious diversity. This did not apply in the Maldives… whose constitution does not permit Maldivians to follow a non-Islamic faith.
  • Nazam Rashid MP agreed the bill was important because human rights organisations were trying to impose freedom of religion on the Maldives.

The Maldives has no freedom of religion, and denigrates and oppresses any who follow another religion.

Its pretense of being moderate in order to attract tourists has resulted in some bizarre situations, as when a wedding celebrant was caught out insulting tourists:

Muslims are encouraged to denigrate and curse other religions, so Nasheed would have been shocked, not by the celebrant’s behaviour, but that this story leaked out.

That’s the problem with deceit: sooner or later the mask slips, and the perception that the Maldives is just like any other luxury resort, with alcohol aplenty and people in skimpy clothing relaxing by the pool, is shattered by the reality of Islam, as when the government tried to close down all spas:

  • The Maldives government is looking to rethink a decision to close down all spas after the tourism industry threatened protests if the decision was not reversed.
  • A protest was called by the opposition Justice Party and several other groups that accuse President Nasheed’s government of compromising principles of Islam and want strict Islamic law.
  • The protesters also have called on authorities to stop the sale of alcohol, shut down brothels operating in the guise of what they said are “massage parlors” and demolish monuments gifted by other countries marking a South Asian summit because they are “idols.”
  • An angry protest also followed a call by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay for the Maldives to end floggings of women being punished for adultery.

Some Maldivians are aware of the contradictions:

Lured by the exotic brochures they come to visit the Maldives. Sun. Sand. Sea. holiday. Paradise.

The visiting tourist knows he is going to a 100% Muslim Nation. But he is unaware that his Paradise package that mustached man sold him at the travel fair is going to land him in Hell.

Mamduh Waheed explains it all at Minivan News:

…the Maldivian constitution…clearly states that a Maldivian citizen can only be a Muslim. And from this follows other laws and regulations which prohibit Maldivians from consumption of alcohol and any other behavior that is deemed outside of the Muslim moral code. And tourism regulation in the country is perhaps a good example of this. We facilitate tourists to travel thousands of miles and spend as much dollars to travel to the beautiful islands of the Maldives (of which we are the inhabitants) and do things we believe will only take them closer to hell; drink alcohol, engage in sex outside marriage, wear revealing clothes in public, etc. So we have a situation where we ourselves refrain from the bad things but actually help others who do not belong to our community to do these very sinful things. The same laws of the land has different provisions to different persons, and while some laws describe us as having certain unalienable rights, others deny us those very same rights.

For many centuries, the Maldives were populated by Buddhists from Sri Lanka. They were converted to Sunni Islam in 1153, and, in true Islamic fashion, virtually all traces of the indigenous culture have been obliterated.

Under the Constitution, Islam is the basis of all laws in the Maldives and no laws contrary to any tenet of Islam can be enacted. Only Muslims can be citizens or own land. Non-Muslims may not vote or hold public positions.

Eventually, this must put an end to the wedding and other tourism: in the meantime, there are still many wealthy/naïve tourists who are drawn to the luxury resorts.

But no worries: when tourism dries up, they can always invade neighbouring countries and plunder their wealth. Luckily, President Nasheed is on the ball, using the climate change pretext to announce his plans to use tourism money to purchase land in Australia, for his people to relocate should rising sea levels due to climate change inundate the country.

We know Muslims would get a welcome from the Greens:

The Greens have pledged that they will:

“Establish a new climate refugee visa to help those displaced by climate change.”

Our elite media is also on their side.

An editorial published in The Age and elsewhere lectured us on our obligations:

THE idea of government ministers donning scuba gear to attend an underwater cabinet meeting seems to conjure up a scene from surrealist drama, but in the Maldives it really happened. In 2009 President Mohamed Nasheed and his cabinet did just that to draw attention to the fact that their country might literally disappear beneath the waves… If the sea level rises by 59 cms in the course of the century… most of the republic’s 200 inhabited islands will have to be abandoned.

Rising sea levels are one of the key indicators of human-induced global warming, which is perhaps why skeptics contest the evidence for it so vigorously… But the inhabitants of the Maldives… have no doubt that the IPCC’s predictions are a pointer to their future…

Australians tend to think about the Maldives, Tuvalu and Kiribati…as paradisal holiday destinations…The islands’ proximity, however, is a reminder that the threat to the low-lying states’ existence is not only a problem for the islanders themselves.

If the Maldives were to vanish, their 350,000 human inhabitants would have to go somewhere…Australia, Sri Lanka and India, would be their most likely destinations.

These islanders would not be asylum seekers in the strict sense, because they would not be fleeing persecution. But as victims of a catastrophe not of their making they would certainly have a claim on the rest of humanity. Two of the most divisive issues in Australian politics in the past two decades, climate change and immigration, would have coalesced.

At last year’s UN climate-change conference in Durban… delegates agreed to begin work on a new global treaty…on carbon emissions, to come into force by 2020.

To Nasheed, 2020 will be too late. He wants world leaders to bring the date forward, but he is also keenly aware that the Maldives… lacks diplomatic clout. That may well doom his plea, and ultimately his nation, too. But Australia should remember that our neighbours’ interests are also our interests.

How can our neighbours’ interests also be our interests when Australia is a democracy, with egalitarian values and freedom of religion, whereas, behind a façade of an idyllic holiday destination, The Maldives is a totalitarian Islamic state?

Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald are also on side:

THE Maldives will begin to divert a portion of the country’s billion-dollar annual tourist revenue into buying a new homeland – possibly in Australia – as an insurance policy against climate change that threatens to turn the 300,000 islanders into environmental refugees, the country’s first democratically elected president has said.

Mohamed Nasheed… said the chain of 1200 islands and coral atolls… is likely to disappear under the waves if the current pace of climate change continues to raise sea levels.

“We can do nothing to stop climate change on our own and so we have to buy land elsewhere. It’s an insurance policy for the worst possible outcome. After all, the Israelis [began by buying] land in Palestine.”

The President – a human rights activist who swept to power in elections by ousting Maumoon Abdul Gayoom…said he had broached the idea with a number of countries and found them to be receptive.

He said Sri Lanka and India were targets because they had similar cultures, cuisines and climates. Australia was being considered because of the amount of unoccupied land available.

Environmentalists say the issue raises the question of what rights citizens have if their homeland no longer exists.

“It’s an unprecedented wake-up call,” Tom Picken, head of international climate change at Friends of the Earth, said. “The Maldives is left to fend for itself. It is a victim of climate change caused by rich countries.”

Nasheed is a rising star in Asia, where he has been compared to Nelson Mandela. Before taking office the President asked Maldivians to move forward without rancour or retribution – an astonishing call, given that Nasheed had gone to jail 23 times, been tortured and spent 18 months in solitary confinement.

The Maldives is one of the few Muslim nations to make a relatively peaceful transition from autocracy to democracy. The Gayoom “sultanate” was an iron-fisted regime that ran the police, army and courts and which banned rival parties.

Public flogging, banishment to island gulags and torture were routinely used to suppress dissent and the fledging pro-democracy movement… However, public pressure grew and last year Gayoom conceded that democracy was inevitable.

Nasheed said that without an emergency bail-out from the international community, the future of the Maldives as a democracy would be in doubt.

“It’s desperate. We are a 100 per cent Islamic country and democracy came from within. Do you want to lose that because we were denied the money to deal with the poverty created by the dictatorship?”

Amazing that an Australian newspaper can publish an article which claims that The Maldives is a democracy, Nasheed a Human Rights Activist, climate change is the fault of rich countries and if we don’t let them in, we will be destroying their ‘democracy’.

Come to think of it, aren’t the Arab countries rich? Plus they have “they had similar cultures, cuisines and climates”. Moreover, the Emirates are the biggest environmental vandals, so surely it’s their fault too! Maldivians would feel right at home in Dubai or Saudi Arabia, both of which have sharia and despise human rights and democracy.

Mind you, The Age recently published a revealing article on The Maldives, so I guess that’s pretty even-handed!

WHEN the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay visited the Maldives, she urged that the practice of flogging women for having sex outside marriage – and very rarely punishing men in the same way – should be abolished.

“This practice constitutes one of the most inhumane and degrading forms of violence against women,” she told local reporters.

The response was as vicious as it was unexpected.

The next day protestors rallied outside the UN building, carrying placards that read “Ban UN”, “Islam is not a toy” and threatened to “Flog Pillay”. A website promised to “slaughter anyone against Islam”.

Anecdotal reports suggest female circumcision is undergoing a resurgence in the Maldives, particularly on the outer islands.

Maldives President Nasheed conceded an emergent religious fundamentalism had changed the way women were viewed, and were treated, in his country.

He said he was distressed by groups who campaigned for girls to be circumcised [FGM] or to be kept home from school.

“We were a matriarchal society, our inheritance, also, in the past was from women. But with a new kind of radical Islam, the perceptions some of them have on women are not familiar to many Maldivians.”

Sadly, our Government promotes the idea of a moderate Islam.

Journalist Peter Day writes:

In 2004, the Australian Government produced a glossy promotional booklet on Islam – Muslim Australians: Their Beliefs, Practices and Institutions… authored by Professor Abdullah Saeed, the Sultan of Oman Professor of Islamic Studies and Director of the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam at Melbourne University.

… the booklet’s treatment of the right of Muslims to leave Islam (apostasy) is … an example of the booklet’s overall approach to explaining Islam. This topic is dealt with in a section headed ‘Stereotypes and Misconceptions,’ where the proposition that ‘People who leave Islam (apostates) will be killed’ is listed as one of the ‘misconceptions’. The text that addresses this explains Muslim teaching on the matter as follows:

From a religious point of view, the Qur’an stipulates that ‘there is no compulsion in religion (2:256), and a person can neither be forced to become a Muslim nor to stay in the religion.

It is also stated that in the time of the Prophet, if a person left Islam because of their own religious choice, then in general there were no repercussions. This is because the Qur’an instructed the Prophet that his duty was to preach the message of Islam but that ‘If then they turn away, We have not sent thee as a guard over them. Thy duty is but to convey [the Message].

It seems fair for a reader to conclude from this that Islamic teaching is summed up in the words… ‘a person can neither be forced to become a Muslim nor to stay in the religion’. But Professor Saeed, is also co-author of a major book on this very topic, Freedom of Religion, Apostasy and Islam, which takes a very different view. His book … will be an eye-opener to anyone who has gleaned what they know of the religion from his Muslim Australians… he summarises the consensus position on apostasy among Muslim religious scholars as follows:

While there is general consensus that coercion should not be used to convert anyone to any religion … the right of religious freedom is not extended to a Muslim who wants to change his or her religion to another.

He goes on to tell us that, according to ‘the majority of Muslim jurists’, to flout the prohibition on leaving Islam ‘is to commit the crime of apostasy, and a person so doing should be put to death.’

Based purely on the information presented in Professor Saeed’s Freedom of Religion book, it is clear that the Muslim Australians booklet falls well short of an accurate presentation of contemporary Muslim teaching on this issue.

It is clear… that most current Muslim teaching and practice in this area is in direct contravention of both Article 18 and Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Maldives rather neatly exemplifies current trends on human rights in the Muslim world generally. A revised Maldivian constitution …makes it a formal requirement for all citizens of that country to be Muslims; and that explicitly subordinates all of its citizens’ human rights to Sharia. Notwithstanding this, the Maldivian foreign ministry announced in 2008 that it was joining other members of the UN… to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). There the country’s UN representative unblushingly stated: ‘In today’s Maldives, the ideals and principles contained in the Universal Declaration have found real-world form in our proud new Constitution.

As in the Maldives, so elsewhere in much of the Islamic world: there are greater restrictions on freedom of thought and expression, including the continuing threat of punishment for apostasy; and greater enforcement of Sharia, accompanied by an ever more strident insistence that ‘human rights’ are being fully respected.

So the question must be asked: should our government, media and leaders be promoting an illusory moderate Islam which is perfectly compatible with democratic values?

Or should they tell the truth, and risk offending those determined to suppress criticism of Islam?

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By Cassandra

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When the Islands sink into the ocean, it will be a message of judgement against Islam. Satan created Islam.

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Climate change – always happening,,now Islam is cashing in on it,,as they always do with whatever they can.

As if Oil wasn’t enough!

Human intelligence test: do you believe in”Man Made Global warming?
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Greatest scam since the de Medicis sold indulgences!

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Kudos 1389 Blog:

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