Caturday: Cats on Camera

by 1389 on February 4, 2012

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Can you find the cat in this picture? Yes, there actually is one!

Twitter member @DealSpaceIN asks:

Bored?? Let’s play a game… Find the CAT in the picture…
Share it if you find & Comment if you didn’t

Click for full-size view.

Find the cat in the picture!

Curious Snow Leopard Cub Steals Camera Trap

Snow leopard cub steals camera trap

By Katie Scott, Wired UK

A camera trap set on the Afghan Border has captured images of a leap of elusive snow leopards, but also the moment when one of the cubs made off with one of the cameras.

The cameras were set up in the Zorkul nature reserve close to the Afghan border in Tajikistan at the beginning of August, and left there until October. Dr Alex Diment is the Capacity and Development Manager for the Eurasia Programme for the charity Fauna & Flora International (FFI). He told that the FFI and Panthera team set up the camera traps to cover an area of around 15 sq km, which stretched across eight separate valleys.

The 11 cameras photographed five separate snow leopards living in one of these valleys, and this included a family with two cubs — one of which took a shining to the cameras and carried one off.

Diment says that the camera traps have made a huge difference in conservationists. “Camera traps have been an amazing piece of technology, and are really maturing as a technology, becoming reliable and giving great results. They are giving us the ability to research animals, which were previously almost entirely unknown.”

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1 K aka Kel February 4, 2012 at 9:19 pm

Finding that cat was HARD!!!!! 😆

2 1389 February 4, 2012 at 11:01 pm

@K aka Kel,
Striped cats have very good camouflage during daytime hours. Black cats are hard to see in the dark. Both do pretty well out in the wild!

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