Inmate adds pig image to Vermont police cruiser decals

by 1389 on February 3, 2012

in 1389 (blog admin), government spending, graphic arts, humor has the story:

MONTPELIER, Vt. — A Vermont prison inmate who makes stationery and license plates has gotten the best of the state police by adding the image of a pig to the state decal on their cruisers.
Detail of Vermont State Police decal
One of the spots on the cow in the state crest has been changed to the shape of a pig, a derogatory term for police. The 16-inch car door decals are made by prisoners in Windsor.

State police discovered the pig images Wednesday. They say they believe the decals have been added to about 30 cruisers in the past year.

Who made the modification and when is being reviewed by the Department of Corrections. Corrections Commissioner Andy Pallito said Thursday new decals will be made by Monday for about $800.

The Burlington Free Press newspaper first reported the pig decals.

Read all of the comments here.

Says commenter djbadback:

30 decals for $800? That’s the crime, someone is stealing from the state!

Is THAT ever the truth!

Evidently, silhouette images of pigs aren’t halal. 😆

Too bad the officialdom of the State of Vermont can’t take a harmless joke. Many of the cops on the above forum think it’s funny and advocate keeping the stickers with the pig image.

UPDATE: Good job, girlfriends!

Turns out it was female prison inmates who put the pig on the decal. But it’s impossible to know exactly who did it unless someone confesses.

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